Follow your DREAMS – DIY tshirt

There is nothing more fun, exciting and scary about Following your Dreams! the same can be true about a new crafting/cutting machine! Last year I was lucky enough to get a Cricut Mini and although setting up and learning how to use it in my head seemed “scary” yet exciting, in real life it was a BREEZE!!! 
Yes I had my hitches along the way, just like when you are pursuing your dreams but in the end it was all worth it! I’m totally in love with my Tshirt. And although my project is done, my dreams are far from it! But now I have a great reminder to myself and an outward expression to the WORLD to go for it! 

Circut has a new Iron-on product available. It’s a heat transfer film that can be applied to clothing, decor items, accessories and more! (squeal!) It’s a great quick and easy refashion material!
They challenged me to take a white tshirt, some Iron-on and create something! I really like the Arrow Trend that is making a quiet appearance and when I looked up arrow clipart in the Circut they were very BOY SCOUT-ish and CONSTRUCTION and INDIAN like. BUT you take them out of that context and line them up like I did here they totally have a different look! 
And arrows point to things right? So that gave me the inspiration to add the saying “Follow your Dreams”. 
I got it all lined up in the Circut Mini. I was great to be able to size things the way I wanted and line everything up just perfect! Then with the Iron-on you peel away the negative space and leave your design on the liner. 
I laid it out on my Tshirt, followed the directions for applying it according the package directions and boosh! It was done! 
Of course I had to Refashion the Tshirt a little bit right? (wink!) 
It was a little boxy so I cut the square sleeves back a bit letting the knit roll. 
I thought I might cut the neck out of it too…..Still not sure on that one! 
Easy and FUN!!!  
What saying would you put on a Tshirt?

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