I’m a Mormon – I know it, I live it, I love it

The first weekend is April always marks a special time for our family. It’s something we look forward to. It’s called General Conference and is when we get to hear from many of our church leaders. If you are a long time or frequent reader/follow you know that I am LDS or a “Mormon” (You can read more about that here).
Come listen to living prophets
If you’ve ever had questions like 

What is my purpose? 
Why am I here? 
Are you looking for something more….are you looking for answers? 
Do you have questions on what we believe or what our leaders will say? 
Well – I invite you to watch it along with me.


This 1 minute video will give you some more details. If you get any tuggings on your heart strings I invite you watch. If you feel a peace you haven’t felt in a while I invite you to watch. If you are just curious I invite you to watch. 

(psst! Conference actually runs for 2 days. You can watch it Saturday and Sunday)
If you’d like a copy of my thoughts and reasons why I choose to live this religion pop over to this post and email me!

(download the free printable from Burlap and Denim)

For all you Social Media savvy readers – you can look up the hashtag #LDSconf on Twitter and Instagram to see/read/hear thoughts, comments, pictures, etc. I’m sure I’ll be sharing a little bit too!

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