Thumbprint pictures – kids activity

We’ve all thumbs and imaginations so let’s create pictures with them! We did this activity at a family reunion last summer so it was fun to recreate the memories in our own family setting. 
You’ll need: Washable ink pads in a few colors, paper, crayons, markers and we use baby wipes to keep our fingers clean during the process.
Dip in those fingers and start “stamping!”. I like to use the crayons/markers to fill in the picture with details. And even a pen or pencil for tiny details. 
Seriously the SKY is the limit with what you can create! 
One of my sons created this Star Wars scene with this prints. Totally Love it! 
 Here’s scene from…..??? I hope you guessed that is was Tangled 🙂 
Or just have fun with the randomness of it! My daughter just randomly stamped her fingerprints around and then created something from that. Which turned out to be this cute picture:
Here’s something you may or may not know about me. When I “doodle” I love to draw family pictures – stick figures or in this case, a fingerprint family. I enjoy adding all the personal details for each member. This could be a cute way to make a announcement too! 
Sign of a good time…..

Go and try it! It’s fun and you can just create and create and create….

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