40 tips for creating your wardrobe

I love when you ask me questions! Especially when they relate to shopping (fun! fun! fun!). You know I’m thrifty, love to refashion and love easy doable style – well….I recently came across Jordan’s video (from FunCheaporFree.com) about creating your wardrobe for CHEAP and I counted 25 tips in there. Some of them I already do, some of them I know and some of them where NEW to me! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel in answering some of your same shopping/wardrobe questions so I’ve teamed up with the FunCheaporFree QUEEN to bring you 40 tips!
Here’s the first 25 tips and if you want to know more pop over to FunCheaporFree.com

Doesn’t that make you want to go out and shop the sales, clearance and go yard saleing? I DO!!! Thanks Jordan for the great info!
Ready for more? If you follow my Refashion your Life video series you already now these 12 tips for dressing up your basic teeand they are EASY! 

Are you doing the math? Jordan gave us 25 to start off…I followed up with 12 that leaves 3 more tips to make an even 40! And here they are

Tip #38 – When cleaning out your closet use the rule of 3’s
I recently discovered this rule on a segment from Studio 5. There are lots of tips in that segment but I loved the rule of 3s. Basically if you pick it up and put it back or pass over it 3 times it’s time to ditch it and make room for something else that you wear or will wear more often. We all have items in our closet that we save for when that”someday” perfect event will come along….I took the challenge from Studio 5 and ditched some clothes!

(here’s my photo shout out to Studio 5 on instagram)

Tip #39 – Have a clothing/accessory swap party with friends! 
Trade out your old stuff for new stuff and it doesn’t cost anyone a dime! You can snag all the details of this clothing swap here!
and lastly – Tip #40 – You can almost always REFASHION your items! 
– I’ve got lots of tutorials listed here on my site
– You can catch 2 seasons (24 episodes) of my Refashion IT show on My Craft Channel

Now who’s ready to go shopping and thrifting? 🙂 

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