Blindfolded Makeovers with your kids

Hello Fun Friday readers! I love sharing an idea or activity that you can do with your kids or together as a family. This activity started out just for the girls but the boys quickly got involved too! 
You will need: 

1) Makeup – We have a small stash of $1 store makeup and leftover dance team makeup for occasions like this. Blush, eyeshadow and lipstick are high on the list but you could also include eyeliner, powder, lip liner, cover up, etc. 
2) A blindfold – something to cover their eyes so they can’t see!
3) A mirror. It’s fun to look at your new “beautified self” as soon as you are done. 
4) Your CAMERA! Candid shots and even some video because they will be giggling, blurting out their reactions and having a great time!
Let’s start the makeover……..makeunder???
Have 2 girls sit at a table facing their chairs towards each other. Spread all the makeup oout next to them on the table and blindfold 1 girl. She will be the one applying the makeup. 

The girl receiving the “makeover” can help hand makeup to the blindfolded one if she wants. Otherwise they are set and ready to go! The blindfolded girl can apply whatever products she chooses and however much she thinks she needs. 
(oh dear….LOL!)

THEN when the blindfolded girl feels like she is finished the big reveal happens for both of them! Grab a mirror and take off the blindfold!….it’s not always the reaction you are looking for but it’s quickly followed by lots of giggling and smiles! and then “pay backs” too when it’s their turn…

The little boys that were around couldn’t help but get in on the action too! 
This is a really fun activity for a girls slumber party, a girls youth group, family reunions, girls weekends, Friday nights and more! Have fun with it! If you give it a try (and YES I got a blindfolded makeover too!!) send me a picture or tag me on instagram!

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