Change – my 2013 word for the year

If you are stopping by and thinking to yourself, “huh?…why is she posting this now?” Well, it’s because I hadn’t settled on a word for my year until around the end of February. By then I felt it was too late to post. Well May is even LATER than that but I just wanted to share a few things on a more personal level. If you want to stick around I’ll tell you the story…

Many bloggers do it. You pick one word to guide your whole year. To be your focus. To mold and shape what you do. I started thinking about my word in December so come January 1st could kick off the New Year with my word and join in the blogger fun. Last year my word was Adventure! And last year truly was! It really did shape and mold how I approached things. It bought new adventures into my life that weren’t even on my radar. I loved my “adventurous” year.

So I felt that I had settled on a word by January after about 3 weeks of tossing it around….Then come January I felt a strong pull towards another word. That one just felt right!!! So I mulled it around for a few weeks and another really GREAT word just stuck with me. Oh this is the one I thought! ….Well, you get my point here right? I stepped back and looked at what 2013 had already brought me, what I was involved with, what we could see coming on the horizon/working towards and the words I had shuffled through. I just kept changing my mind! um….HELLO!!! CHANGE!!! maybe that was my word!!! Maybe all the other words trying to be my attention were telling me, “your word is CHANGE!”

I have felt in constant change since the year turned over. Good changes, hard changes, exciting changes, confusing changes and just the minor everyday changes or twists and turns in my journey. I don’t mind change. Well, let me rephrase that. I don’t mind change if I don’t mind it. LOL…..change isn’t always easy. Change isn’t always fun. What types of change I like – you may not. Some types of change that bother me, you make take in stride and not think much of it. I like the type of change that moves me forward in life. Or better said, moves me in a positive direction down my journey. I don’t like staying still. I’m not one to just sit around on my “path” waiting for something AMAZING to come along. I like the feeling of moving onward and upward and to do that or obtain that feeling I’ve got to change and move. No sitting on the sidelines of my own life or sinking in the “quick sand” (wow am I getting a little “deep” here? are you still following all this babble?) .

 My point in sharing all of this is sometimes you just need to say “it” out loud. Sometimes your own thoughts can help someone else. Or can give you clarity on something that’s been bouncing around in your head. The hardest thing about change can be the feeling of “loosing your footing”. Have you ever felt that? There’s so much change or the change is so severe that you feel like you’ve lost yourself or part of yourself..? Then there’s fear attached to that because how will you find those pieces? Will you come out the other side of this change the same person? Will you be better or worse? Will you make it through at all?

So CHANGE it is! (big smile on my face). There are things in the works I hope to be able to continue to share little bits about with you as I can.

Did you pick a word this year? 
What is it and how is it going now that we are almost halfway through the year!?

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