DIY t-shirt Summer Dress

Hey Brassy Apple Readers.
I was Very Excited Megan asked me to contribute to her amazing site.
Over the next few months 
I will be adding how I re-style some of my older clothes 
and  how you can DIY T-shirts.
(Which is my favorite thing) 
Everyone can find a t-shirt around the house. 
Why not make it into something you can wear.
Things you need.
  1. 2 T-shirts *I used a Large and an Extra Large.
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Large Safety Pin
  5. Straight pins
  6. 4 studs * Hobby Lobby in the leather section.

 First, I measured my top shirt with a dress I already have,
 to where I was going to put the tying part.
Then I marked it.
 I cut the  at my markings.
#2  shirt, 
I cut right under the arms( this will be the bottom part of my dress)
Put the right sides of both shirts  together.
Pin them with your straight pins.
 Sew about 1 inch above  where they meet.
Then turn the bottom part right side out,
and sew an inch below where you sewed your first line.
This will be the channel where the tie will go through.
Cut a small slit in the center of your channel.
 From the scrap part of the shirt that you have left over,
 cut an inch wide strip.
 Stretch it out to make a rope.
Attach the end of the string to a large safety pin,
 then weave it through the slit all the way around the shirt.
Cut around  the collar to make it off the shoulder style,
or just leave the V neck.
It’s your dress, make it however you want.
 I placed a stud on each seam.
I also folded over the sleeve and added a stud just to make the sleeve a little more fitted.

Beach cover up or Summer dress?
You decide.
Lot’s more T-shirt DIY on my Site.
Have a Beautiful Day
Lots of <3,


  1. Wonderful

  2. Hi! Love this and am going to try it this weekend. Where did you find the studs for the shoulders and sleeves? Thank you!!!

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