DIY Military Top Refashion

I really love this Refashion from Anne of Wobisobi today!  The Camo/Army look has become one of my favorites this Summer! – Megan
Re-styling old clothes into something you could wear
 is one of my favorite things to do. Just recently
I inherited a bunch of army fatigues though my father. 
But I have to confess I am a little obsessed with the Army-Camo / Military  look.
 Re-styling this shirt my father gave me seemed like a natural thing to do.
 This short sleeve jacket that would go great with a pair skinny’s jeans or flirty skirt.
Things you need
  1. Jacket * Army- Navy store
  2. Ruler
  3. Studs* Hobby Lobby
  4. Scissors
  5. Chalk 
  6. Leather hole punch * Michales $10-14 Well worth the money!
  7. Ribbon or cord about 3 feet
  8. Wire Hanger
  9. Two big beads
  10. Paint( optional)
 Measure your sleeves
Cut off both sleeves
Roll them
 take the two sleeves you cut off and cut them open

Cut four, 2 inch  strips
* I would try the jacket on and see where your waist is, and mark it.
  Pin the strips on the inside of your jacket where you marked.
 Sew the top and the bottom of the strips you laid down,
 leaving a inch channel.

 I found some old shoe string , but you could use a ribbon or a cord.
I took and old hanger and opened it up  pushed it through the channel until it came out the other side.
Make a loop at one end of the hanger,
 tie your string onto it,
 and pull it through the channel.

 Tie a big bead onto the ends of the string.
this is the waist now with the string gathered.
 This is just the jacket without any embellishments.
But I can’t stop here.
This jacket is screaming “Stud Me!”
 Decide where you want your studs.
Punch your holes, then add your studs one at a time.

 Stud your collar…
 and the tops of your shoulders.
 Stud it wherever you want, its your jacket make it fit your style.

 Now you have a fun new piece to add to your wardrobe.
For more fun re-styles,
 head on over to WobiSobi .com.
Click on Re-styles at the top of the page.
I spent an entire year re-styling my closet.
so there’s tons to look at.
Have a wonderful Monday
Lots of <3,

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