Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

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Swimsuit(c/o Beverly Swimwear), Hat(Charming Charlie’s), Sunnies(DownEast Clothing), Cover Up(Roxy)
If you are like me then you have been on a hunt for that perfect swimsuit.  It’s so fun, huh?

As a girl…and a girl that isn’t completely confident in a swimsuit I can attest to the pain that is swimsuit shopping.  But alas, it is a necessary evil, seeing how I LOVE THE SUN!

So today I am sharing my tips for making it a little less painful while finding that perfect suit for you!

1.  Do your research.
Seriously.  We literally have the world at our figure tips!  Whether or not you want to actually shop for a bathing suit online, use it as a research tool.  What kind of neckline is most comfortable to you?  Do you want straps or a halter?  Are you digging a one piece?  You can check out my post on 10 modest swimsuit sites to help get ya started!

2.  Don’t be in a hurry. 
Give yourself some time.  It always stinks when you are rushing from store to store because you needed a swimsuit YESTERDAY!  You are bound to get discouraged.  Give yourself plenty of time to find that right suit for you and don’t settle for one that you don’t love.

3.  Try it on.
Hopefully this is a given.  But one thing I love to do is try my suits on at home.  Whether you buy it from the store and take it back later, or order online, there is something about trying it on in my own home, in my own light that makes the decision so much clearer.

4.  Work with your body type, not against it.
This could be a whole post in itself.  There are tons of tips out there on how to fit your body type.  The most important things are that the top of the suit is flattering(think pre gravity), that it doesn’t cut you off in a weird place and make unwanted bumps and lumps, and use tricks like ruching to help hide trouble spots.  Just make sure you feel comfortable and then rock it!

5.  Always add fun accessories.
From sunnies to beach bags to hats to super cute coverups there are endless possibilities when it comes to sprucing up that swimsuit!  Make sure you budget for some fun things(that are less traumatizing to buy) when shopping for a new suit!

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