A pioneer isn’t someone who makes their own soap

This is know as Pioneer week (in Utah and in my religion culture). We celebrate July 24th as Pioneer Day. The month of July is a celebration of Freedom, our nation and the Pioneers that crossed the plains. Many sacrificing all they had and their lives in the process of something better, something greater, something they believed in.

I heard a quote at church this week that said,  
“A pioneer isn’t someone who makes their own soap. A pioneer is someone who takes up her courage and walks towards the future.” 
Sort of changes your perspective on the word PIONEER right? 
Now the woman who shared the quote had to laugh because of the “trend” right now of making your own laundry soap (it’s all over pinterest if you haven’t heard or caught on it yet) and her daughter wanting to “jump on the bandwagon”. She laughed because this day and age we don’t have to make our own soap.
We can….but we don’t have to. They had to. They had to do many things that we don’t have to do today BUT we can still be pioneers in our day.

Think about the quote – ..”someone who takes up her courage and walks towards the future.”
Are you pioneer? 
I think any life experience whether positive or negative is pioneering moment for YOU. It’s something you’ve never done before and maybe you are “forging” the way for others.
That could be through your example,
what you learn and discover,
how you react,
your attitude about it or
how you come through it when it’s over…


There is much to be learned from those who have come before us.
There is much we can teach and learn from those around us.
And there is much we can do to leave our knowledge, experience and a bit of “us” for those still to come.



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