DIY Burlap Brooch – refashion

You may have caught my instagram video when I received some of the David Tutera Casual elegance line. It’s a line that is available at JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Store. This line is mainly used for bridal – and how fabulous would these items be for a Summer party? It’s a great mix of rustic charm with modern flair. So….thinking outside the bridal/party box I created an accessory! (of course right?) A little refashion of some burlap ribbon and flower piks and you’ve got an original statement piece!

Burlap flowers – large
Burlap flowers – 16pc small with button centers
Burlap Ribbon
Hot glue gun
pin back

Twist your Burlap Ribbon into a figure 8 or infinity symbol. Mine ended up being about 8.5″ from end to end. Fold it so your ends are in the middle. Then glue the ends into place with a hot glue gun.

Cut the stem off the back of 1 large burlap flower. Then it can be placed on the burlap ribbon. Do not glue it down yet.

Take 3 small burlap flowers (best to work in odd numbers – 1, 3, 5. etc. you choose the amount you want) and using a pencil/pen twist the stems around the pencil a few times to coil them. Stretch the coils out a bit. The wire and coils adds a fun element to the piece.

Arrange the small burlap flowers on the ribbon and around the large burlap flower until you get a design you like. Replace the large flower as needed and glue all the flowers into place with a hot glue gun from the underside.

Cut a small square of felt to fit inside the width of your pin back and glue to the back of your ribbon.

Your new brooch is done! Want to add a “brassy” touch? Paint the center of the large burlap flower a BOLD color!

Want the low down on the David Tutera line? Be sure to click over and connect via 
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This is a sponsored post for David Tutera Casual Elegance. All products received were given for that purpose. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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