DIY Coiled Toy Dog

Today I’m sharing a fun DIY toy tutorial via my sisters Iphone! What happens when you are on vacation (out of state) and your sister gets a wild hair to create something awesome (also on vacation out of state with you) while I’m off doing something and has the smarts to capture the steps on her Iphone camera??
You get Iphone crafting and a tutorial for a DIY Coiled Toy Dog! 
Her little guy was watching the movie Toy Story and wanted a “slink” dog. Her husband came up with the genius idea to make one from using a small stuffed toy dog!! Thanks Sis for sharing your idea! now – let’s get started! 
Cut the stuffed dog in half

Sew up each of the cut ends so the stuffing doesn’t come out. Then attach the coiled toy with a hand needle and thread. Some quick whip stitches will attach it to the stuffed dog. 

After just a couple of steps – your new toy dog is DONE!!! 
**She says in hindsight, they could have cut the coil in half – hence the photo below.** 

Your Toy Story fan may just love him and take him everywhere…. and then later request clothes be made for him (true story!).
Get your SLINK on and try this super easy tutorial! thanks again to my sister for thinking of capturing her steps through her Iphone so I could share! 

and of course share your own toy dog creations with me and tag your photos with – @brassyapple – so I can see them or send me to me directly!

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