Cowboy Camp – Western fun for the family

Besides all the Refashion and Style talk here I love sharing the family side (the everyday fun!) of my life. Recently this Summer my Sister and I put on a Cowboy Cousin Camp for all the cousins. We are all scattered so a chance for them to come together in the Summer for a Wild West time would be memorable and fun – and YES it WAS!!
I’m going to share the basic ideas we used that could also be used on any scale or for any size of a group. Family reunions, birthdays, neighborhood fun, school parties, etc. 
First we picked our stations or areas we wanted. We had: 
Old Wild West Town
Chuck Wagon 
A Mine
OK Corral (Hitching post) 
Watering Hole
This helped us organize our games, ideas, activities, and the layout of the whole event. 
We took some older looking wood from the scrap pile and simply painted this wording on it to designate the stations.

Second, we came up with (or found) the activities we wanted to do and altered them to fit the ages of all the cousins or the amount of kids that were coming. 

Third, think up a schedule of events and how the day (or party) will run. It’s good to have one or two people running one event and another getting the next one set up or gathering the supplies and setting them out so you can flow seamlessly from one activity to the next.
 (example of our schedule) 
Welcome all the cousins – hand out hankerchiefs, sheriff badges, sticky mustaches as they arrive
Group shot
Make their own Horse
Take WANTED pictures
Free play in the Western Town
Horse Races
Snake in the Boot Game
Snack Time
Round up Game
Lasso the Catcus
Dig for Gold
Water Guns
More Play in the Western Town
Pool and Slip n Slide – Cool off!!
Lastly – the finishing touches. Gather items to create the feel of the Wild West. Even include music in the background!!! That really added and was super fun!

A few guest goodies are always appreciated and a bag to collect all their treasures from the day in makes it less of a scramble at the end to make sure each child goes home with their stuff! 
And then of COURSE it’s easiest if you designate one person to be in charge of capturing photos of all the kids in the different activities of the day. Even video too. This was my main job and then I compiled all the photos and videos into a movie for each family and mailed them off a few days later (extra bonus for them to receive mail! what kid doesn’t love some snail mail?!). Then cowboy camp an be enjoyed over and over. The kids HAVE loved having a movie of their fun day!

You know you’ve done something right when about 30 mins into the start of Cowboy Camp one of my cute nieces came up to us and said, “This is SO fun! What’s the theme for next year??!”
Love is spelled T.I.M.E
(p.s. now they call me Aunt Awesome – tee hee hee)

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