DIY Wrap Skirt from a Tshirt

 Happy Monday Everyone,
 I am constantly cruising around in  Pinterest to find great DIY ideas.
Wrap Skirts have been everywhere lately so I thought why not try to make one using a T-shirt.
Here is what I came up with.
Pay no attention to the lazy dog in the back ground.
Things You Need.
  1. T-Shirt *I used a Mens XL.
  2. Scissors
  3. 2 Buttons
  4. Needle and Thread
  5. Tape
Tape off right under the arms
cut your shirt  using the tape as a guide for a straight line.
 tape off  the middle of you skirt and cut a straight vertical line.
now you have one long piece of material.
Take your material and wrap it around your waist 
This is how you will measure where you want your tie and button to go.
Mark it with chalk
It should be marked right on your hip bones.
 Mark  where you want the tie and buttons to go.

 Take a piece of your shirt and cut a 1 inch strip, stretch it. 
It should be about 24 inches long
cut the strip in half.
You could also use a pretty ribbon.
 I hand sewed the two strips to the skirt.
 on the other side I sewed a button where I marked it. 
Mark the skirt where the two pieces meet
 and cut a very small hole, to put my button through.
It ends up looking like this:)
I also sewed a button on where the two ties are.
Comfy and so easy to make yourself.
I love re-styling Tee’s.
For more re-styling Ideas,
 head over to WobiSobi 
Lots of love,


  1. Ilse Kok-Cronje says

    Thanks for this one!!! So easy and so nice!

  2. very easy and interesting thanks

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