Life is full of facing hard things

 A common phrase heard quite often in my religion – I can do hard things. I’m not quite sure if it came from this talk by Elaine S. Dalton or before that. There is also a kids story about this topic too. Regardless of who said it first it’s caught on like wild fire and is commonly used, referred to and clung to during hard times. 
It IS a great reminder that we can do hard things. That life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine all the time. That we WILL have times of trial. That we will make mistakes and some of those come with hard consequences or we have to deal with the ripple effect created. And sometimes hard times just happen to us.
These times are temporary. It’s not the trial but how we react to it. How we allow it to change us – whether positive or negative. The hard things will end or get easier. I believe these are pivotal moments – do you turn to your God or higher power or do you turn away?
I know I can think of a MILLION hard things that people have to go through. Some of those I’ve been through myself (and yes, come out the other side….and I’m ok)
 I’d like you to see this quote in a little different light. What about the daily HARD things that you do or are faced with?

What about –
 – Approaching a new neighbor?
– Volunteering when you don’t know anyone or how it runs…
– Going to an activity/event alone when you aren’t sure you will know anyone
– Opening up to someone
– Saying no when you are afraid to
– Dealing with a resistant child
– Sitting alone
– Or sitting next to someone
– Reaching how when you aren’t sure what to say
– Trying and not succeeding
– Putting yourself out there
– Mending a relationship
– Walking away when you know it’s the best thing to do
– Loving yourself
Do you view the quote – I can do hard things – a little differently now? It’s ok to have hard things in your life. Don’t let the everyday hard things get your down. Just know that they are hard things for other people too….they just may handle them or react to them differently. We really aren’t as different as we think (wink). 
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