Refashion DIY Harem Pants

DIY Harem Pants
Hello again! It is fun to be back here at Brassy Apple. My name is Lisa and I blog over at Grey Luster Girl. Todays refashion starts with a little story. The story begins with a yard sale. At this yard sale (put on by me) there was a box labeled “FREE”. In this box was a jumble of kids toys and a bag of old worn clothes that I thought no one would actually buy. Well I was right. The yard sale went on and not a single taker for any of the clothes in the free box. Then it happened. An older gentleman came to the free box and picked up my baggy lounge pants and held them out. All of the sudden, he wasn’t holding up an old pair of GAP lounge pants from 2005. He was holding up a refashioned pair of harem pants. “PLEASE PUT THEM DOWN!” I was screaming in my head. He of course didn’t see the refashion potential. His loss. As soon as his finger tips released the pants I was making a beeline over to the free box. Pants in hand I stowed them away until it was refashion time. Refashion time came and it was over before I knew it! 
Harem Pants tutorial 
So fast that it only took 4 pictures to show you how to make these DIY harem pants!
 I started by putting the pants on inside out and pinning them up the insides to make them skinnier. I pinned up to a little above my knee. With a marking pencil, gradually taper the line back to the original seam. Sew on the line. Use your newly sewn pant leg as a guide for your other pant leg. Smooth out any parts that don’t hang well. Wow. done. How easy is that. Now I’m no fool, and in the words of my brother (when I asked him if he liked my harem pants refashion) “Well, your not going to go to the ball in them”. Wait. What? I can’t wear these to the ball?! Shoot, now what am I going to wear to the ball?!! Thanks for the advice. I know they are not fancy but they are certainly a step up from your normal lounge pant and they could be dressed up with the right shirt and styling. If not, at least I can lounge in style. Plus they are definitely more subtle that some harem pants out there so it is a great way to try a new
slightly ridiculous looking
stop! hammer time
style without having to shell out the cash. Lastly, you know I couldn’t resist throwing in one of these photos. Stop! Hammer time, whoa whoa! Come on, you knew it was coming but that doesn’t make it any less awesome! If you don’t already, follow me on Pinterest or my blog to see what other awesome things I come up with!

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