Top Refashion Pinterest Boards to Follow

I think fall time is my favorite time for fashion and getting back to my sewing machine to create! Although Summer isn’t quite over yet, I’d thought I’d give you a jump on the REfashion inspiration!
Here’s 16 Pinterest boards you should know about chocked FULL of refashion ideas!
Susan (Inori Designs)
Niki Russell
Rachel Gray
 Kelly Barak
Elle G.S.
(hey that’s my board)
Merricks Art
Kara Muelhmann
Dominique Donosis
Nicole Carter
GREAT right?! SOOO many great pins – now go get pinning! And sewing and show me what  you create either on Facebook or Instagram by tagging me @brassyapple


  1. Thank you for sharing those!

  2. Jill McKechnie says

    I tried to find the directions for the stencil skirt on your website, but they were gone! did I look in the wrong place?

  3. I’m absolutely in love with that stenciled pencil skirt! Think I’ll give it a try!

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