LDS Conference Weekend – activity packets and more

 Well it’s not a hidden fact that I am a Mormon. Religion is a key part of my everyday life. My belief in God and Jesus Christ and embracing believing in something higher than myself. There are all sorts of different religions and it’s great to know that we can connect and come together simply by one common belief (at least I hope so…..let’s be friends). 
Twice a year we have what we call “General Conference“. A two day feast from the leaders of our church. We hear from these same worldwide leaders monthly but twice year we get “live” instruction and teachings. I sit down with my journal and write out the phrases that catch my attention, the thoughts or impressions I have while listening and of course I also instagram, tweet, etc (#ldsconf) how we do conference at our house. It’s sort of a common thing in our religion. It’s a long two days in front of the TV and people of all ages can have a hard time not getting restless. Especially if you are only a toddler! LOL
(one of the views from our house during conference!)
In an effort to make it an enjoyable experience for all my kids and hope they pick up something as well there are lots of talented bloggers who are sharing their ideas, printables, etc! Here’s a great list!

Click around. A lot of those links have multiple ideas or links to other activities too! 
And of course if ever have any questions about my religion….I’m happy to answer them or send you more information! If you watch some of it and have questions, shoot them my way!

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