Leather Sweatshirt DIY Refashion

Anthropologie Leather Sweatshirt_Refashion 
 Hello Brassy Apple Readers! I am Lisa from Grey Luster Girl and I am back with another cute refashion for you! As the weather is turning colder, I have been reaching for more sweaters and sweatshirts . Unfortunately not all my sweaters will be be making an appearance this year. At least not as their current selves. My closet needs some major help for its fall line up. Nothing that a little refashioning can’t handle though.
 Anthro Leather Plane
This refashion is inspired by a sweater that I saw on Anthropologie called the Leather Plane Pullover. It is a grey sweater with a leather front. Leather is definitely on trend right now so I thought this would be a good starter for my fall wardrobe. before_after Anthropologie Refashion 
 I chose a sweatshirt that I had instead of a sweater because I liked the looseness and the length of it. Plus it was grey. Instead of real leather, I chose a faux leather suede like fabric. It had a little bit of a silver sheen to it. DIY Anthro Shirt Tutorial 
 I started out by cutting the front off my sweatshirt. I cut the sides but decided to keep the neckline so that means…dun dun dun, unpicking. I unpicked around the collar and then used that piece as the pattern for my faux leather fabric. 
With right sides together, I sewed the leather piece onto the sweatshirt starting at the collar first. DIY Anthro Shirt Tutorial 2 
 Then I sewed the sides onto the sleeves. I pinched the top of the collar where the leather would attach to the sleeve and sewed straight down. With a needle and thread I hand sewed down that seam. 
DIY Anthro Shirt Tutorial 3 
With right sides together I sewed the sides stopping a little before the bottom. I hemed the bottom of the leather. On the bottom of the sweatshirt sides (middle picture above) I folded in the raw edges and sewed. Then I turned the shirt inside out again and finished sewing the sides. This leaves a little bit of sweatshirt that is longer in the back than the leather front just like the Anthropologie version. 
Leather Front Anthropologie Shirt Tutorial   
The leather front really dresses up the sweatshirt and gives it a whole different look! Plus after reading the reviews on the Anthropologie shirt, I think my shirt wins the prize. If you want to see more of my refashions, check out my Grey Luster Girl Sewing Pinterest page!

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