Body Image and BOOBS!!!

Did you catch today’s Refashion your life video and message? If not this may be come across a little bold or from left field. BUT, after spending a year talking about “refashioning ourselves, our wardrobes, becoming our best self”, etc. Part of that naturally is loving who you are at the stage you are in. 
With our message this week being Studio 5’s focus of “stop the fat chat” and joining in their #bodylove photo challenge I wanted to take mine 1 step further. Yes I shared that my long legs where a favorite part of my body (that’s easy!) but you know I like to just say it! so here goes. 
I am happy with my small boobs! 

Now before you start on about “I’d love to have small boobs too if I was her height, or her weight, or had long skinny legs like hers.” Trust me, I’ve heard ALL of THAT! 🙂 
What about if you’ve lived your whole life seeing images of women with that curvy shape because they are more filled out on the top than you were? 
What if you’ve always felt out of proportion?
What if every time you went swimsuit shopping the dressing room attendant always recommended those fake boob inserts to fill out your swimsuit “better“?
What if when you go bra shopping they always recommend padded, push up, and any other contraption to make you appear larger?
What if the bra size that you feel comfortable in and feels like it flatters you the best and what your size truly is in the little girls section? 
What if your friends say they had your size boobs at age 9 and laugh when they say it?
What if you’ve always struggled to shop for tops that didn’t sag on you or further highlight your “lack of shape”?
What if all the advertising you see reinforces that a woman is sexy, appealing, attractive and feminine because of the size of her larger boobs? 
What if lots of friends and family members have gotten their boobs done/enlarged because they thought they were too small and wanted to feel better about themselves? Well what does say about mine? What are they thinking about my size? 
And what if…..what if……what if…..
I could go on and on. 
Do you still want my small boobs?
Today I can say I am happy with my small chest. Was I always in this place? HECK NO!!! 
 There was certainly a time that my mindset was “when we have enough money I will get a boob job.” I felt like I was supposed to look like everyone else. That socially I wasn’t “acceptable”. That to be feminine I needed a larger chest. That all women, to be considered women need to have large boobs. That if I just had bigger boobs I would feel better about myself, be more attractive, “fit” in…..etc.

I was always very aware of it in high school and college. After getting married and having kids they have of course gone through a few different sizes but now I’m left being smaller than I ever have been. I joke with people that I am an A- (wink wink) And I can joke about it because I am OK with it.

I am OK being who I am. I’m just me. Yes I wear makeup. Yes I like clothes and accessories and getting dressed everyday. And yes sometimes I love to sport some fake eyelashes. But at the end of the day all of this get taken off, washed away and I’m just me. My natural self. I’ve never put up a front or never let people see me without makeup. But I prefer to look my best most of the time. And choosing to embrace my small size is exactly that – my choice. I can feel confident about my body without having to alter it this way.

I have a daughter and nieces who are definitely old enough to notice if I made a permanent change to my chest. And I’ve wondered what it would say to them about me and to them about themselves…???
I think there is too much emphasis put on boobs. LOL. There is more to me than boobs.  And all the women on the TV shows that have large boobs naturally or on purpose are always dealing with the struggle of saying that exact thing, “there is more to me than boobs. Hey! I’m up here! stop staring at my chest”. I’m not looking for any extra attention that larger boobs would give me. I have a husband so I don’t need or want looks from anyone else. I can still pursue my dreams, goals, work, play and be me with what I have.

For any one person out there struggling with their size – I say embrace what you have and who you are.
And that’s me…..just saying it…..and hopefully giving someone else the courage to love who they are as
xo – Megan


  1. What I’m not the only A-??
    Yeah, my teen daughter and I were measuring ourselves for bra sizes (she is bigger than I am, of course) and my measurements were too small for the online calculator. I hated that!
    I hope to adopt more of your good attitude. I do know that my breasts nourished my 6 babies well, regardless of their size, and that’s something great!

  2. Megan!
    I love this post! Seriously. I have always been skinny, tall and a A- boob size. I too have felt that “I needed to get them done” that I would be happier. Many friends and family have got theirs done and that only made me feel like there was something wrong with me. I have in just the past few years been happy with me and my size. I am 5’7″ and 100lbs on a good day (when I drink lots of water). I think now that I would look silly if I changed my body. I am healthy and happy and don’t really care what others think. Thanks for being brave and sharing. You are so AWESOME!! Please stop by my blog sometime.


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