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I think most of you would agree, and have experienced yourself, that when we focus on gratitude we are happier.  It also feels really nice to be appreciated. This November I wanted to help my kids (and me) connect the two and focus on not just being thankful, but expressing it and brightening someones’s day as well.

 We started by making lists of all the people who do things for them, or help them. Teachers were naturally first of the list. And luckily mom and dad.  It took some hints, but we added mail carrier, lunch servers, bus driver, classroom volunteers, grandparents, friends. Then I made thank you notes and we started filling them out. We’ll do this a few times this month, so we didn’t worry about getting through the whole list all at once.
I’m guessing that more people will get added to the list too, hopefully as we are more aware of those who do things all around us. You can print your own cards here, and you can pick between a couple of color themes
How do you encourage gratitude with your kids?

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