DIY Frozen inspired kids craft

We saw the new Disney Movie FROZEN and it was an instant family hit! The next day my kids were constantly singing the songs and talking about Elsa’s cool icy snow power. My daughter actually came up with this idea and I helped her execute it! Maybe your kids will love casting snow and ice around just like Elsa did! 
Knit winter gloves (any color you want)
Ribbon, tinsel, curling ribbon, etc or any type of similar supplies you may have on hand (we went with blues, whites and silvers)
Sewing Machine / Hot glue gun
straight pins / tape 
Measure the length you’d like your ribbon to be and double it. We found it easiest to place the middle of the ribbon in the center of the glove and then secure it rather than have the end of the ribbon showing on the glove. It made it prettier. 
TINSEL – the tinsel adds a fun shimmer but can be a pain to work it! LOL. It gets everywhere. We put it on the bottom to layer the ribbons over it. I actually think hot glue works better with the tinsel than sewing. 
Start to layer the middle of your ribbons in the center of the underside of your gloves. You want it to look like Snow and Ice are coming our of your palms
I used pins to help keep the strands in place but this tape method worked better on our second round of gloves. Tape above and below the area you will want to sew. 
Once you have all your layers in place sew the strands (or hot glue them) 
TIP: it’s always better to cut your ribbons longer than too short. You can shorten them once they are done and being played with if there are strands that are too long. 
So what about the boys? 
Gotcha covered on that too! Coming later this week a way for the boys to get in on the icy fun too!


  1. GREAT! I’m going to make this. In love with it!!!

  2. Jaime Schroeder says

    It had said coming later this week a way for the boys to get in on the icy fun too! Was wondering if that idea ever was posted anywhere. I was looking for something similar to do for boys.

  3. Sweet idea. I will definitely be making these for my daughter’s upcoming 7th birthday! Can
    t wait to see your ideas on how boys can get in on the action! Be blessed.

  4. Margie Flowers says

    I found a set of blue and silver cheerleader pom poms at the Dollar Store. When I took them apart I discovered that the center of the fringe is one piece and both ends are fringed. I only needed a small section to achieve the look I was going for and it was considerably less messy than tree tinsel. 🙂


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