DIY kids winter FOX hat

red premade hat ($1.50ish at retail stores)
white felt
red felt
faux fur
needle and thread
pattern pieces (print them out)
3 black buttons for eyes/nose (optional)
black felt
sewing machine
straight pins

Step 1) Print the pattern pieces and cut them out. 
Step 2) Using the pattern pieces cut the white felt for the fox face and the red felt for the 2 ears. Also cut some small triangles of the faux fur.
Step 3) Place the white pieces on the hat as shown. Pin and sew into place using your sewing machine.
Step 4) Take the 2 ear pieces and cut a small slit on the bottom edge as shown in the pattern piece. Place a small triangle of faux fur at the top of the slit and sew into place.
Step 5) Fold the bottom of the ears at the slit, one side over another creating the ear to sort of have a rounded shape the “stands up”. Pin to the top of the hat in ear position and sew into place.
Step 6) Create the eyes and nose by placing the buttons on the hat. Play around with size and placement. The eyes could be on the white part, above the white part or somewhere in between. They could be close together or further apart. Once you find a placement you like use your needle and thread to sew the buttons on. If you don’t use buttons, use black felt and pin and sewing into place as well.
The hat is done!!! So what does the fox say?? I think he might say he loves this hat!

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