Receiving Christmas - great great idea!

I am super excited to tell you about this great gift idea. But why I'm excited about it is because it's MORE than just a gift. I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift myself this year from Modern Boutique and the best part of a great thing is sharing it. 

If you are searching for something with meaning.
If you are looking for someone who loves accessories.
If you are wanting something bigger yet simple.
If you have a book lover on your list. 
If you're not sure what to buy but want something unique.
If you are done with the "fluff" of life and looking for the "meat".
If you want your gift to GIVE back and give forward...
Are you ready to know!?! 

Receiving Christmas is a book written by Ron Zarbock. I love it because it's a short read and it's to the point. It takes me on a journey through a couple of stories BUT it gives me the meat of something meaningful. 

With my Refashion your life focus this year I couldn't have been more happy to read this and explore the message: 
 "The noise of Christmas is part of modern life. The noise makes it hard to remember what's important and hard to recognize the things we really need." - The book begins saying how we all talk about what Christmas is really about but most of us don't do anything to change it....so TRUE!

It puts a focus on inspiring the reader to connect and accept themselves and others using 5 principles of receiving - represented by the 5 points on the star. Modern Boutique then took this inspiring message and created a necklace to go along with the book!
 (and you can snag it all as a gift package right now at 42% off - retails for $34.99)
 A heartfelt message, a beautiful accessory and when the gift set is purchased a portion is donated to Mothers Without Borders. It's just a win, win all around. 

It won't happen overnight but if we all try we can put the focus where it needs to be. We can inspire others to be open to RECEIVE in their lives the whole the year through. The book gives some wonderful examples of this.  

I can say all I want about this great gift idea but until you "receive" it yourself you just won't know. I love this part of a quote from the book, " ...the best version of yourself that should strife for because you are not as complete as you could be."  
Give a little more and receive a little more this season and this coming year.  
It's all about becoming. That's been my focus this year. It's about knowing who I am and whose I am. It's about Christ...and putting more of that back into Christmas. 
How do you keep Christ in Christmas? 


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