Trouble Tree – DIY gift idea w/ printable

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I love a random act of kindness but even better is a challenge! recently challenged me to create a gift under $20 that I could give away as a random act of kindness. Not only did I create one but I created 4 in my $20 budget and made it so my kids could get involved and be part of the process.
I came up with the idea of a Trouble Tree – a gift that keeps giving throughout the year…
Supplies – 
Vintage Jar – green
A Mini Tree – we used the Canadian and the Mixed Pine
6in. Burlap Ribbon – Black
Download and print out – Trouble Tree Poem
While we were creating this project the my kids were reading through all the fun little messages I heard things like, “Oh my gosh. I love that one!”….”This is a freakin’ awesome Idea!” …..”awwww, these are great mom!” ……”What a great idea!”…. 
So I hope the recipients of our gifts find equally as “freakin’ awesome” (wink)

Step 1 – print out your positive sayings and separate them by cutting into strips. There is some blank space for you to write a few of your own thoughts.
(let your kids cut and write a few notes if they are old enough)

Step 2 – Fold each saying in half and fill up the jar
(a great way to get the kids involved)
Step 3 – Roll out and cut a strip of the black burlap ribbon just under 2ft long. Wrap around the jar and gather the 2 ends with a rubber band in the center so it’s tight around the jar. Then using some HOT glue secure the ends down like a bow. You can fold, pleat or raise the burlap anyway you’d like. Glue into place.

Step 4 – Unfold the branches of your little tree and place in the top of the jar. The branches hold it up above the rim. Print out the cute trouble tree poem and attach it to the ribbon with a straight pin or simply give it with the tree (un-attatched to the ribbon)
Here is the what the poem says: 
This little tree has been gifted to you
I think you are great in all that do

It needs no water as you can see
It grows and thrives on positivity

For underneath where the roots would be
Are happy thoughts for you from me

When a day comes along that doesn’t feel good
Just reach inside and pull out something that should
Put a smile on your face any day of the year
And fill your head with happiness from ear to ear

But that’s all this tree can do
It has lots of green limbs ready for you
To hang your troubles whatever they be
Simply rub one of the branches and you will see
Hand over your troubles and reach right in
And change your day from what it’s been
The jar holds over 30+ uplifting sayings to brighten someone’s day, give them hope, make them laugh or smile!
My teenager chose a woman who is always helpful, always cheerful and always kind. She said, “She’s done a lot of things for me and her husband just had surgery and maybe she needs this. And she’s nice…..I’m going to give mine anonymously and then whenever she gets to the bottom of the jar she’ll find out who her month or year of awesomeness has come from because I put my name on one of the blank slips on a personal note I wrote.”
One of my sons chose one of this church teachers. “When you asked me who to give it to she just popped into my head!” he said.
Our foster daughter gave it to her teacher and my littlest son gave it his preschool teacher. 
It was so fun to gift these little positive gifts for no reason at all and all the recipients where so touched when they were told we are practicing random acts of kindness this week and they were chosen by one of our kids. Such a great experience and fun/crafty “lesson” for our family. has all the supplies to duplicate this idea!
Plus you can find out about all their deals, sales and more by following their Social media accounts

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