Easy ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

 You asked via Instagram so I am answering! Here’s a few easy ways to wear an infinity scarf! 
I’ll show you in pictures and in VIDEO so you can see me actually tie and loop the scarves to clear up any confusion that may occur by trying to explain it through writing.

Infinity Scarves are all DIFFERENT.
The length.
The wide.
Pattern, weight of the fabric, etc. 
Here are two Infinity Scarves I own. Notice the difference in width and length. One is twice as wide as the other. This will create more volume. And that is not a bad thing. You just have to decide what type of look you like on YOU and or what occasion/outfit. 
 (very wide)
(not as wide)

  • The easiest and most common way an Infinity Scarf is worn is what I call the double loop.
Scarf – around head resting on neck, twist and around your head again – forming 2 loops.

Can you  see the difference in fullness and the way the different infinity scarves lay? 

  •  A slight variation of this look the Double Loop, choker style.
Repeat the same steps as above. Pull one of the loops down toward your waist and the other loop will cinch up around your neck.
  • A long single loop around your neck is the easiest way to put one on over any top
it easily “ups” the look of any outfit
  • Using the long single loop above, tie a knot of the scarf that hangs down. This will give it new interest and not so much length.
  • Take the scarf completely off and hold it behind you. Then as if you were putting on a jacket or coat, slip both arms behind both sides of the scarf so it’s worn like a vest. 
  • Last one! Again taking it completely off and holding it in half. Drape it around the back of your neck so you have a loop on each side. Open one loop and slip the other loop end through. Pull and secure into place. 
 Easy right? 
Here’s the video showing these same ideas (not in the same order). 
What’s your favorite way to wear one?
If you want more of my easy DIY style ideas pop over and check them out!

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