What are you wearing? An easy wardrobe tip

If an effort to help those I am too far to travel to and help YOU remix your closet, let me give you one of tips! 

You need to know what you are wearing and what you are not wearing. You can do this by simply - 
turning your hangers around! 
January is a perfect time because it's the start of a new year. 

When you wear something you turn the hanger the right way when it's put back in your closet. After 6 months you will see what items you are wearing the most.
What are you go to pieces? 
Is it the comfort? 
It is the cut? 
Is it the color? 

If you start in January then in 6 months it will be June and the start of Summer. Now I rotate my wardrobe a bit - I certainly have items I wear in certain seasons (like my fur vest - it's a winter item and my capris are a summer item) so some of the items may not have yet had a chance to be worn. Maybe you even have some special occasion pieces. In another 6 months (when we are back to December - that makes a whole year) you will really have a good look at what you never wore. 

Ask yourself those questions that I listed above again. 
It makes it easier to shop for yourself and add pieces that you will REALLY use and wear to your closet. Instead of it being full of items that you don't really like, don't fit you, that you'll "maybe" wear someday, really liked at the store but never have worn yet.....
At the end of a year we will have gone through ALL the seasons and all the pieces should of have their chance if you liked them, they looked good on you, etc. 

SO - give it a try! It's an easy way to see where your style preference is at!
more remix tips coming!

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  1. I am in major organizing overhaul, but my issue is I just had a baby so some stuff doesn't fit quite right, so I have my standbys but have been trying to contain my enthusiasm and not get rid of everything! Transitions are hard!!

    1. AGREED! transitions are hard. BUT you know right now if you don't relate to some pieces though. I pulled out all my fall/winter stuff this past year when the seasons changed over and I just hated the look, color, cut of almost all of my pieces!!! LOL....it was like I had "outgrown" that in a short time. I donated it all and have been adding in different pieces. Since you are in transition and maybe wanting some "fresh" items think about mixing up your wardrobe a bit with some transitional "forgiving" pieces- Like cardigans, jackets, vests. Things you can layer but are forgiving in their size and shape. Even maxi skirts paired with a tee is a great way to change of the everyday tee look!