DIY Winter Olympic crafts, ideas and games

We love the Olympics at our house. It’s a chance to come together as a family, nation and country to cheer on and support people in ALL their hard work. There are stories of triumph and tears. There is so much talent and heart that goes into each performance. There are so many on the spot lessons to be learned and taught by watching the Olympics as a family – in my opinion anyway.
And it wouldn’t be any type of event at our house without some creativity thrown in! 
Harness your kids (or grandkids) excitement for the games (and doing their best, trying even though it’s hard, finishing and being happy with their effort even when they don’t win…..) and “create” the Olympic spirit in your house! 
Here’s some EASY to do craft ideas and printables for the Olympics. The more you involve yourself with them the more they will get creative and use their imagination and get excited too! (plus learn and few things – we are tricky that way as parents aren’t we)

The opening ceremonies aren’t complete with the TORCH!

 I think my kids would play with these DIY light up Olympic torches for hours!
I totally LOVE this DIY Olympic  Ice Skating Rink for their toys!

Although this is soccer I think it could be altered to be Hockey!
DIY olympic arena 

Watching your favorite Olympic Sports becomes even more fun when you cheer on the USA with the RED, White and BLUE! Try making these noise makers with items you might already have!

Create a little friendly competition with these DIY scoring paddles

And no games are complete without Olympic Medals!
Here’s a great Felt Olympic Medal option

or try these Glittered upcycled option

 And wrap up the fun making toy sized olympic podiums!
I think my kids just might have their lego olympics so their lego guys can stand on these podiums.

 So have fun with the Olympics and use them as a time to gather together, teach and CREATE!
Check out all my DIY Winter Olympic pins board for more ideas!

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