EASY 3 step fold over skirt!

Have you ever decided last minute that you need a red skirt to match your daughter’s shirt?  I did!  That’s how I came up with this easy fold over skirt to make in 3 steps!

I made this for my 3 year old daughter and made it in about 30 minutes from start to finish.  Now remember, I am a basic sewer; that’s how easy this is.

You will need:
1yd double sided fabric
(yardage depends on size of person.  Double sided fabric: I used just a sold color)
Elastic Waistband
Sewing Machine, thread, pins

I measured a piece of fabric 3 times her waist (you can do more if you would like it more ruffly rather than straight). I measured the length to be about the 1.5 times the length from her waist to her knee (because we are folding it).
 (1) Pin the two hems of the skirt that will be the two tiers when folded.  You will fold the shorter layer down two times and then pin.  The longer layer will be folded upward twice and then pinned.  (2) When you fold the skirt you won’t fold it exactly in half; fold it so the top layer is about 5-6 inches shorter than the bottom.
(3) Sew the two hems and then you will sew a tube at the fold (or top) of your skirt so you can feed the elastic waist band through.  Fold the skirt in half width wise with the right sides touching.  Sew up the side so your skirt is now a skirt.   Turn right sides out.
(4) Feed the waist band through and finish off.
This is a great tutorial to try if you are a beginner sewer.  It requires only 4 straight lines to sew and very little cutting!  I paired the fold over skirt with this darling bow shirt that I made HERE.

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