Follow up - the story behind MY story

I can't put into words and thank you enough for the emails you have sent over the last week regarding me sharing a PERSONAL story and sort of just putting it out. I am glad to have heard your stories and felt your hearts. I hope I was able to answer everyone's questions. I wanted to share the story of my friends experience with Laminine. I mention her in my post as my "here's your sign moment". The answer to our prayers. I had so many questions and wanted to be able to share HER story so I hosted a national call this past weekend. Here is the just that part of the call. She has more experience with it and her daughters story will touch your heart...

It's wonderful to have a natural option - Something that works with the body. The more I learn about Laminine the more I love it. If I can help answer any of your questions, please feel free to email me.  (info (at) BrassyApple (dot) com
When it's a good thing, I just have to share it. 
How does it work? 
Laminine contains FGF (you can read more here). FGF improves neuron functions in your brain, increasing amino acids and peptides in your cells and assigning the proper stem cells to restore your body’s organs back to their original state.

In laymen terms, the FGF reprograms adult stem cells and amino acids in your body, which make up your natural repair tools to travel to the areas that need it the most. Once there, these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes
to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that location, wherever it is in the body.

Be informed. 
Here are 4 links that I have found helpful:

Ordering INFO
(Here's some FAQ's I get about ordering. I hope this helps)

DISCOUNT: You can only buy it online. Click HERE to order it through me at a $15.00 discount. It's called being "sponsored in." Otherwise you pay the full retail price and that's just silly! (you know I love a discount/bargain)

JOIN: Once you click the link, click JOIN (not retail) to get the discounted price.

ORDERING: Everyone has to order at least 3 bottles (90 pills). Most people order the Activation pack (the last option). This is called the LOADING DOSE. You will take 3 pills everyday (preferably in the morning 20ish mins before breakfast) for 1 month. 

AUTOSHIP: do NOT click "skip this step". You NEED to be on AutoShip. You don't want a "break" in taking it. It's doing good, keep it going. Sign up for at least 1 bottle on AutoShip each month. The auto ship date will come up exactly 1 month from the day you order. MOVE this day back 1 or 2 weeks. You want it to come before you run out (plus you are busy and you won't remember to get back on the computer to order it in time. Just take this stress away).

FINISH: Wrap up your order by filling in any other information. 

???: Confused? Would you rather have me walk you through it or do all the legwork for you? I am happy to do that! Just let me know! 

DOSAGE: The LOADING dose needs to be at least 3 pills a day for the first month. We put our son on 4 pills a day and saw a difference the first month. Then we dropped down to 3 then 2. Listen to your body! Your dosage all depends on what you are taking it for. After 2 weeks on 2 pills we noticed my son did better on 3 pills so we bumped him back up. 

FAQ's: More questions? Maybe I answered them in my first post. If not, email me! (info [at] Brassyapple [dot] com) 

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  1. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. I just sent my husband links about Laminine. It could be something we could use. We have ADD, depression, and anxiety sufferers in our home.

    1. Hi HOlly - be sure to pop over to my inital post too if you didn't see it already. I link it in the first sentence or two....and then please reach out with ANY questions :) happy to answer if I can!