How to wear an AZTEC cardigan

Hey Brassy Apple readers, I’m Kilee from ONE little MOMMA. Every day you can find me blogging about my personal style, easy DIY projects and life as a momma of three boys. Today I have some easy ideas about how to wear one of my very favorite items in my closet- an over-sized cardigan. I specifically love Aztec print cardigans (made obvious by the fact that I own three!), but any over-sized cardigan will work with these five simple ideas. 

1. Pair with a chambray shirt, black pants and tall boots. Add some interest to your basics with the printed cardigan!
2. Pair with a graphic tee. I actually bought my cardigans when I was pregnant last year. I loved that they covered my backside and honestly were big enough to make me feel little! A simple graphic tee and black jeans work great under an over-sized cardi- pregnant or not!
3. Wear it with stripes! This combo works best if your stripes are the same colors as your cardigan. This is a fun way to mix prints. 
4. Wear it at home as lounge wear. I wear my Aztec cardigan the most at home. I throw it over whatever tee and leggings I am wearing. It is comfortable and somehow I always feel a little more put together with it on.
5. Try it with white jeans and a bright top. As much as I love the black and white trend- I really love it with a pop of color. This teal tee looks great with white jeans, but it would be pretty boring with out the cool cardigan on top. 
So do you own an Aztec cardigan? What is your favorite way to wear it? 

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