Infinity Scarf refashion – from Pajama PANTS!

My husband recently cleaned out his closet.  In his donation pile I found a huge pair of flannel pajama pants.  I immediately was inspired to create a comfy infinity scarf out of them.  The process was very simple.  Anyone can do it.  I did most of it hap-hazardously because in the end, the fabric will be bunched around your neck and mistakes won’t be noticeable.  Here’s how it went.
Start out with your flannel pajamas.
Cut the legs into two individual pieces.
Remove the waistband and the pocket lining (if any) with your scissors. 
Trim the legs. You want each leg to be the same width.  I used painters tape to create a straight line as my guide.  I also put pins through the tape to ensure I cut both layers evenly.
If your pants had pockets, you will need to sew the remaining open sides closed now.
Sew a seam between the hem of one of the leg pieces, and the raw edge (top) of the other.
This is what you will have now.
Take one of the long sides and fold it over hot dog style.  Make sure that the right sides are facing each other.  Pin and sew a seam to create a long tube.
 Once sewn, turn the scarf right-side-out.  To finish, tuck the remaining raw edge into the hemmed edge, pin, and sew closed.
Finally, bask in the glory of your new scarf.

With my excess fabric, I created a bow-tie for the little man.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Andrea Ganczak says

    Okay, so I’ve been looking for directions on how to make an infinity scarf using an old pair of pajamas. Your tutorial makes the most scene to me. Even your pictures make more scene to me. I have an old pair of Mickey Mouse patch pajamas that I want to make into an infinity scarf. Thank you for this blog.

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