Our struggle with focus, retention etc. and what is working for us

I felt like I needed to put something out there the other night. I quickly typed it out on Facebook and “updated” my status not really thinking anything of it other than I knew I needed to share that. It exploded! LOL…..I received so many messages, comments and emails from people in the same situation and wanting to know more about what we did. SO in an effort to save my inbox (tee hee) and answer questions I am putting this out there for all to see read…
This is hard for me. As a girl who likes to live outside of her comfort zone and doesn’t have a problem just “saying it”….this is hard for me. It’s something that is near and dear to my heart and honestly I get a little emotional each time I talk about it, type about it and share it (my eyes are a little blurry right now….blinking back the tears).

I think it’s hard for me because I don’t want it to come off in the wrong way. I am NOT a seller. But I do like to share something good when I find it. If you are a long time reader or social media follower of mine you know that. This is one of the those things to “good” to not share but on a personal more private matter and level.
I have a son who struggles a bit with this focus, retention and comprehension, etc. This kid reads like a speed demon and gets good grades. He is “the Brightest kid in the class” every teacher would say at each of our Parent Teacher conferences.  BUT he struggles everyday in the classroom. “He just needs to be more disciplined and organized” his teachers would say over and over. I’m thinking, “How do I get my 5, 6, 7, 8 year old son to be more organized? Doesn’t that take time? I think we are pretty good parents with discipline…..”
At the start of this school year everything went south – FAST. The first two weeks of school were a nightmare and he was starting to cry, no ball his eyes out that he didn’t want to go to school. This had NEVER happened before. His teacher told us if he didn’t get it together then he was going to be left behind. I felt like I was in a sinking ship. How could I send my child to school knowing he was struggling so much? Now the problems weren’t just at school, we had noticed changes at home too. Not problems but difficulties. We would ask him to get dressed and make his bed but by the time he got down the hallway he had no idea what he was supposed to be doing and we would find him playing the piano, reading a book or he had wandered off to watch TV. Honestly not remembering what I had asked him to do just MOMENTS before. And further more he just didn’t FEEL like my kid? Where was he? I felt like through all these struggles that had escalated over the last few months (and had been building in a way that I didn’t recognize for years) I was “losing” him in a fog somewhere. I just wanted to find a solution to “unlock” him and FIND my kid again.
Fast forward through some very hard weeks and our first Parent Teacher Conference of the current school year. There was a lot of concern mixed in with some positives and negatives. The main part of this meeting with this sweet teacher was dedicated to trying to say we needed to medicate our son without saying it – because she can’t verbally come out and say that. I felt sick inside. It didn’t sit well with me to go and have him put on a medication that would mask his symptoms. Something that I felt would further put him in this fog that I was searching through to FIND him again. It just didn’t feel like that was the right option for OUR family at this time. BUT I knew I needed something. 
As I was venting my worries and frustrations to a friend she opened up and shared her own daughters struggle and what they had found that was helping them. It was one of those stories that makes you cry. The difference she has seen in her daughters life by using this product was life changing. It was like the stars aligned when she shared her information, the clouds parted or the angels sang – whatever your “here’s your sign” moment looks like to you – it was happening for me. Now I didn’t see or hear any angels but it was the quick yet warm feeling inside or tug on my heart that said This feels right. This is the solution that I have been looking for without knowing what I was looking for.
The solution for us came in the form of something natural – not synthetic. Something that actually HELPS his brain, works with his body and repairs it. YES – repair, fix (to a higher/better level) – not masking the problem. Within 3 weeks we were starting to see noticeable changes and so was his teacher. And as his mother I was starting to FEEL the changes. This was my kid only clearer, less frustrated, more like himself! THAT has been the biggest blessing for our entire family. As a parent I think we all want our kids to be the best versions of themselves that they can. And this option is the right one for us.
So what is it right? Now I have to re-stress that I am NOT a seller or a sales girl…I’m not here to pitch you an idea to get you to try or buy anything.  
BUT I do know you will see a difference. You will.

Here’s the nitty gritty:
It is amazingly designed to help your brain do what it needs to do to balance itself. To give it the essential things it needs to function at a better level then where it’s currently at.
It’s deals directly with the brain – the body is made to heal itself. That’s why when you get cut it should heal. If it doesn’t then you know you have a problem.  Laminine re-actives the receptors in the brain to help the body do it’s job. Sometimes it’s joints that are the issue, sometimes it’s depression, or stroke or fibromyalgia and in our case it was focus, retention and “being bouncy and unsettled” as his teachers said.
(and yes what we are using can help many many other issues)
 I have always felt that the body can heal itself. The brain is amazing and it’s what operates our entire functioning system for heavens sake! For my son it was so hard to just do a simple task. This was such an awaking of the mind for him. It’s been like that movie AWAKENING – I feel like he is coming out of this fog he’s been in. That he is awakening to his TRUE fully functioning self on whatever level that may be.
Now – back to the nitty gritty. Anyone can order it online. It’s only available there – it’s called Laminine. You can pay the FULL retail price but why? You know I love to save money and get a bargain. SO to SAVE $15 on each bottle you have to initially order it through someone who is already using it – it’s called being sponsored in. Then you can get the cheaper rate. Why pay more than you have to? You don’t have to pay anything EXTRA to get “sponsored” in AND you aren’t signing up for anything other than to receive the Laminine each month through auto ship. That’s it. You contact me to order it for a discounted rate and it ships to you every month.
If you are here and feeling that tug inside you, please reach out so I can help you order this. I am MORE than happy to answer your questions – day or night. Please Email Me and then we can exchange phone numbers if we need to as well. I can help get you started today.Feeling gun ho and want to just order it on your own? Click over to my page with lots of FAQ’s including how to order.

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