DIY slip extender

                                                      Hello Brassy Apple Readers!

I’m really excited to share my latest refashion with you.
While in Las Vegas, I found this dress at Forever 21.  I loved the beautiful neckline and creme color. I also loved that it was just under $25.  The length, however, I didn’t love.
My first instinct was to lower the hem like I did in my lengthening a dress/skirt refashion.

While I did do that to add a little more length, I quickly realized that it still wouldn’t be long enough.  I thought about adding lace and almost did until I was hit with a genius idea:  an extender slip!
If you haven’t heard of extender slips yet, you are missing out.  They are a fabulous and easy way to add length to your skirts or dresses that just don’t make the cut. If you don’t want to make your own you can find some on etsy.
Because I have been crafting so long I already had everything I needed at home.  Here’s what I used:
  • old slip
  • lace
  • satin fabric (mine actually was the bottom of a dress I had shortened)
My old slip was too long and horribly outdated.  It also had a useless slit all the way up to the mid-thigh.
This first step is to remove excess length.
Next, I added the satin fabric.  I wanted more coverage than lace offers, so I used the satin.  That way if it peeked through it wouldn’t look like a slip was accidentally showing.
Once the satin was attached, I added the lace on top.  I very carefully pinned to ensure it was sewn evenly around the hem.
At this point, the slit was still open so I could tuck the unfinished edges of the satin and lace into the seam once they were both attached.
And viola, the final result after adding the satin and the lace and closing the slit.

It worked perfectly!  The best part is that because it’s not sewn into the dress, I can use it with my other clothes.

The silk fabric makes it look great–even when exposed by the slit.
Dress: Forever 21 (not listed online)
Undershirt: Nikibiki
(Can I just say how great the Nikibikis are!  They are stretchy and comfortable and gave me just a little more coverage up top.  I found the dress could be a little revealing because the neckline didn’t lay flat, thus creating windows.  This shirt was a lifesaver!)
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