Fun with CREPE PAPER – Family Fun ideas #2

Last week I shared lots of out of the box ideas for having fun with PAINT! Be sure not to miss (and pin) that one!!  This series of fun ideas is for ANY time of year for any function, party, get together – ANYDAY! Great for adding to the Summer bucket list and Summer fun!
Today’s list of fun is all about CREPE PAPER!
( I love that it’s easily accessible and super inexpensive for all the ideas and fun you can have with it!)
 what could be easier? A stick and some colorful streamers!
A favorite around our house! Play spies or ninjas in training. Good for anytime of year! 
I’m sort of dying over the simplicity of this and the scale. No need to wait for a special occasion like a birthday! These are great for anyday and everyone could make their own to bust open!
Tea anyone? How about a fun lunch? In just seconds you could transform a little space into something special. 
If you don’t have access to the perfect tree think about using a swingset or something else that might work! 
Oh how fun would this be!!! It’s a color tornado! 
 This is a birthday tradition at our house but it would be fun just to booby trap someone’s door one day! 
Windsock – 
It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July to create something similar and colorful! 
 Similar to the windsock above but longer. Love the look of this Chandelier. Get the easy DIY
Have a popsicle stick on hand? Turn on the music and get dancing.
Do you know of another idea I should add to my list?
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