Fun with PAINT – Family fun ideas #1

It’s almost that time of year when the Summer Bucket List posts start popping up. When Moms are scouring blogs and Pinterest for ideas to keep the kids entertained and having fun in the Summer. How about some lists of ideas that maybe Moms could use whenever? After all there are rainy days, winter days, parts of the world with different seasons as different times and sometimes Moms just need some ideas! That is what I am going to give you. So PIN each of the FUN LISTS that get posted so you can reference them whenever you are in need of an idea!

Today’s list of fun ideas is all about PAINT! 
(ps – It’s ok to let them get dirty and messy.  The other fun part could be spraying them down with a hose to get clean!)
– Have an old chair that needs a makeover? Maybe one you are getting rid of or you could even pick one up 2nd hand. Let the kids have at it one day with some paint!
Washable markers and crayons are perfect for getting creative with! 
 – Fill empty eggs shell with paint and throw them as a canvas. See what you can create! 
Use an old or 2nd hand bed sheet as a large canvas. Hang it up outside or lay it flat on the ground. 
Good ol’ game of twister has gone up a notch!
Take the game to a bigger scale – its less messy but you are using paint to create the game board. 
– This fun option could keep them busy for hours. I  love the spin on painting using the slide and FROZEN colors! 
– A Salad spinner was never so cool! 
And since it’s always fun to out with a “BANG”….how about some
So which one are you excited to try??!!!
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