Victoria Secret skirt knockoff REFASHION

I love a quick, easy refashion! This is the last one from WobiSobi before my new team of contributors comes on and is announced! Take a look at the inspiration and the tutorial she is sharing today! 
I saw this skirt while I was looking thorough Victoria’s Secret and
 I thought it would be so easy to make out of a sweatshirt.

Things you need.
  1. Sweatshirt
  2.  Scissors
  3. Scrap tee-shirt
  4. Safety pin
  5. Studs*Optional *Hobby lobby
 I found this sweatshirt at Wal-mart for $5.
Cut the sweatshirt straight 
right below the arms.
 I took another shirt and cut an 1 1/2 inch  strip to make my tie.
 Stretch it out to make a string.
 Cut a small hole in the band.
be careful to only cut one layer
Place your string on a safety pin or
I used a hair clip.
Weave the string through the hole all the way around the skirt and pull it out on the other side.
tie  a knot on each end of your ties.
 If you want to spice up your skirt add some studs or paint.
 Whatever you want to make it your own creation.
 I placed studs all the way down both sides.
or you could just leave it plain.
 A great little summer skirt or beach cover up,
all for just $6.
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A Great Big Thank you to Megan for letting me share with all of you for the last year.
Lots of <3.

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