Weight loss – You can change now

Last year Chalyce and I took on the challenge to Refashion our lives with a weekly video. A little snippet of something motivational, inspirational, true and from our own life experiences. So often as January comes each year we make goals or resolutions right? I know I do! and how often when February comes around (dare I say even the middle or end of January) are these new goals and aspirations like “dust in the wind.” Been there done that lots of time! Raise your hand and own it if you’ve done that too! You’re not alone and it’s empowering to recognize that….and then move on. 
Staying in a state where you are unhappy, where you are wanting or needing change is your place of power. No one can make you change. No one can do it for you. You hold the power to change your story right from this moment. 
I bring this up now because it’s April and WOW has this year gone by fast! I’m sitting here as the weather is getting warmer and there’s a new focus on spring colors, spring/summer wardrobe and of course the dreaded question, “Are you swimsuit ready?”  Which my quick reply is, “Well no! I’m never swimsuit ready!” I’m also thinking where did January go and all my lofty goals of change in many areas of my life. I thought by April I would look different, or I thought something different would have happened, or I wish something else would have worked out, etc, etc, etc…. 
My point with all this rambling is it’s not to late to change the ending. Heck, don’t even worry about the ending – let’s make this “chapter” something to remember. And that doesn’t mean a great adventure or anything over the top. It means when you look back you will like what you see, how you felt inside about yourself and you will smile at the actions or strides you took. Even if they are just baby steps. 
If you are wanting to change physically who cares if it’s April and who cares if it’s Tuesday! You don’t need to wait for January to roll around OR for Monday to come. 
You can start to today. 
YOU have the power to do that.
There’s no need to re-invent the wheel or in this case the information when Chalyce and I created and shared it last year. Here are 4 videos where we address making a change about your physical appearance in the weight loss area. 
 Today is your day. 
What are you looking to change? 
and remember…

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