Fun with ROCKS – Family fun idea #4

I really love creating these FUN lists!!! It gives me great new ideas. Don’t miss  fun with PAINT and fun with Crepe Paper and last weeks Fun with Water . Read them now or  pin for later!!  This series of fun ideas is for ANY time of year for any function, party, get together – ANYDAY! Great for adding to the Summer bucket list and Summer fun!
Today’s list of fun is all about ROCKS!!
I don’t know about your kids but mine are always picking up rocks! We have had several jars, bags and pockets full of rocks through out the years because, “Mom this rock is really cool!” All those collected rocks can be given new life with these ideas today or head out to collect them and try these ideas!
kids activities with rocks - #summer #camp #crafts
Wear something that ROCKS! Create rock necklaces.
rock necklace kids craft -
I love playing a traditional game but using rocks! It puts a fun spin on the game.
rock dominos kids craft
Tic Tac Toe – rock style!
tic tac toe rocks kid craft -
The every POPULAR Angry birds game. This has been a favorite at our house! Actually launch those birds after creating them with your kids! DIY Angry Birds game 
angry birds craft ith rocks -
Anytime imagination can be involved I’m all over that!! Get their story telling juices flowing with Story Telling Rocks.
story stone rocks kid craft
I shared a similar idea a few years ago using stickers, fabric and other fun images I had on hand. DIY Story Rocks for kids.
storytelling rocks kid craft -
And how about interchangable people! Instead of a rock being just 1 character, create them in pieces! Love the idea of Rock people and switching them around for a different stories.
diy rock people kids craft
and who doesn’t love a little hidden surprise in the garden or flower bed to bring some magic into the yard. Create some gnome houses (or fairy houses) with rocks of all shapes and sizes!
painted rock gnome homes
So give a few of these “rockin’ ideas a try!!

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