Fun with Water – Family fun ideas #3

So far our FUN list consists of  fun with PAINT and fun with Crepe Paper. Be sure not to miss (and pin) these lists for!!  This series of fun ideas is for ANY time of year for any function, party, get together – ANYDAY! Great for adding to the Summer bucket list and Summer fun!
Today’s list of fun is all about WATER!
What kids doesn’t love to cool down in the water during Summer? Think outside the box too and you can incorporate some of these activities for other parts fo the year.
ways to play with water -


The ever popular Water Blob –

it seriously looks like a lot of fun – sort of a trampoline/slip n’slide/non wet pool thingy my jig. Have you tried this?? Pros and cons?

diy water blog

Tin foil river

A material you probably have on hand anyway. Add a hose a boat or two and let them play! Easily set up at grandmas house too!

tin foil river

Water Balloon Fight –

Not a new idea by any means BUT whens the last time you yourself got in on a water balloon fight? Maybe even try ambushing your kids.

water ballon fight

Jump in a pool fully clothed

Have you done it? If so I bet it’s a very fun memory for you. If you haven’t, add it your list.

jump in a pool fully clothed bucket list

Put glow sticks in the pool and swim –

We love getting glow sticks from Michaels. They have a pack that has 12 for $1 if I remember correctly (maybe it’s 15). Pop the sticks, toss in the water, even if it’s just in your little blowup pool in the backyard at dust and let the kids have fun!

put glow sticks in a pool

freeze toy and hammer it activity – MINE – find the link

Ice Bowling

This one take a little forethought so the bowling balls can freeze but what a fun outdoor activity and spin on bowling!

ice bowling for kids

Kid Wash

I think you’d be the envy of the neighborhood if you created one of these! Hours of fun and play. Maybe I can convince one of the grandpas to create one.


DIY Slip n Slide

We’ve actually had fun on a few DIY slip n slides! Adults and kids!!!

diy slip n slide

DIY Water Wall

There are lots of ways to DIY this idea for your space, reesources and age of kids. Search for water walls and you’ll get lots of ideas.

diy water wall

Do you have a favorite WATER activity that should be on my list? Let me know!

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