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how to wear vintage pieces - Hello! I’m Tara from Salt and Pepper Moms and I am so happy to be here with all of you! Today I am sharing some great tips for those who love to thrift shop for clothes, have a love for vintage styles, or just have some amazing hand-me-downs.


I was recently given some vintage clothing from my Great Grandmother who is turning 90 in August. She is the sweetest lady you will ever meet and by the look of her clothes, she was very stylish back in the day (I like to think I get my sense of style from her!). The items she gave me were a couple of blouses and a tea length polyester skirt. At first I had to think about how I was going to wear these clothes and not look like a librarian. I wanted to make them look current and stylish for today. Here are a few tips on how to make your vintage clothes or outfits current too!


First of all, don’t try to cover them up. Vintage clothing can sometimes have crazy patterns. Show it off and embrace it, let the style or fabric do all the work. Would this blouse look good with a blazer?….Yes. But I liked how busy and fun the top looked all by itself.
Also, with busy patterns make sure you don’t over-accessorize. I used some gold earrings and NO necklace. I also added a small gold clutch. I thought about using a gold belt, but opted for this blue one that I felt worked best with the blouse. Keep it simple.
Wear the clothing like you would if you just bought it from Forever 21. No need to try and wear it like they did back in the day, style it for today’s fashions. I did the half-tucked look with my vintage cream blouse. I wore a simple necklace and a pair of boyfriend jeans to complete my outfit. I loved how the modern style jeans and classic blouse complimented each other.
For accessories, add a cute clutch to update the outfit. If your top is too plain, add a statement necklace. With the pleats in my top, I opted for a simple necklace and then added a nude clutch and some sunglasses.
Now for my awesome polyester skirt. There are a few different ways I like to wear it, it’s actually more versatile than you’d think! I can dress it up with heals and the cream blouse above or I can dress it down with more casual pieces. Today I want to show how to dress it down. Adding flats and a simple baseball tee are the perfect way to make this skirt easy to wear for any occasion.
My fedora hat matched perfectly so I added it as well. Since the style was pretty simple still, I wore a large blue bubble necklace that really added to the more current feel. It turned out great and would be a nice casual outfit for a party or family gathering.
I loved wearing these vintage pieces in my outfits. Hopefully these tips made you feel more comfortable with the idea of wearing some of Grandma’s old clothes or that groovy shirt from the 70’s you spotted at the thrift store. Give it a try, you just may like it too! Thanks for letting me join you today and be sure to follow our blog for more fashion tips!


  1. Beautiful looks, like blue jeans and cream blouse the most!

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