Summer FUN and FOOD Passport – printables for kids!

Last year I created a fun way to disguise summer journaling by creating printable fun passports! They printed out with the year on them and since it got so popular on Pinterest I have had LOTS of requests to have a new one created with the current year. Well I went 1 step further and created one that doesn’t have a year on it. You get to fill  that in yourself and can be reprinted for years to come!

Download the Summer FUN and SUMMER Food printables with the blank year now. 

Summer food passport printable for kids -

The FOOD passports are created by breaking out the stickers and old magazines. We go on a letter hunt to find all the letters of the alphabet. Then each letter gets its own page. Through the Summer fill in the page with pictures and words of the different foods eaten that begin with that letter. For example: S – strawberries, smores, steak, etc… Do 1 picture per page or several. It’s a fun way to have your kids try something at least once! It goes along great with the ABC’s of Summer Food printable too!

ABC food game printable for kids -

To create the FUN passports you simply date each page and have your child add a picture of 1 thing they enjoyed about the day. It could be the park, swimming, a trip you took or even a visit to the library.

I show how easy they are to create in this quick video:

So have a little fun this Summer and let your kids do the “journaling” or documenting for YOU! As always – if you create some, use some, etc I’d love to know! snap a picture and share – @BrassyApple on Instagram.


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