Why you should never wear a WHITE bra

Hello everyone!  My name is Courtney and I’m from the eclectic lifestyle blog called Fry Sauce & Grits.  My two sisters and I write about our passion for inspiring women to live a more beautiful life and to build their confidence through fashion, beauty, interior design, healthy living, and family.

Many years ago I worked as a Certified Bra Fit Specialist at Nordstrom in the lingerie department and fitted women for bras.  I grew to love helping and educating women on how to take care of their bosoms and making themselves feel more confident.  I felt like I was really making a difference in women’s lives.  So when my sisters and I started our blog, I knew I needed to write about bras.

I’m so thrilled that I’m one of Megan’s contributors for her blog.  I’ve known Megan for sometime now and absolutely love and adore her, what she stands for, and her mission to better people’s lives.

Several weeks ago I had the great pleasure of going bra shopping with Megan.  Let’s just say we had a great time.  I fitted her and like 90% of women out there, she was wearing the wrong bra size.  After measuring her she went from a 36A to a 32C!  What the what?!  Not only did Megan go down two band sizes and went up cup two cup sizes!  The power of being properly fitted.  One of the things I remembered she was blown away by was the conversation we had over bra colors.

Like most women, Megan was wearing a white bra when she came in.  Once we started on trying on bras that fit her, she noticed that the ones I was having her try on weren’t white.  Thanks to Megan and letting me fit her, I was inspired to talk to you all about why you should never buy a white bra ever again.

So what’s the big deal about white bras?  A white bra is classic, and it goes with everything, right?  Well, I’m here to blow your minds with this statement-“NEVER BUY A WHITE BRA AGAIN!”  Yep, I said it and yes, I’ll probably be getting some hate mail from taking such a strong stance on this.

But why? It’s been the favorite choice bra color for millions of women for generations.  Well I’m here to tell you that life gets much better on the other side of the fence.

My four reasons why you shouldn’t buy a white bra

1. They’re extremely hard to keep clean.  Have you ever noticed that soon after wearing your white bra it always looks dingy, dirty, gross, and you can never get it to look clean even though you wash it often?  And the bad thing is the more you wash your bra, the faster it’s going to wear out.  I’m not saying you don’t want to wash your bra ever, but when you have a white bra and it always looks dirty, you’re more inclined to wash it more.  You can’t bleach them, so unless you have a way of getting your bras sparkly white, I’d like to hear from you.

2. You can see a white bra underneath black, and light colored clothing.  This is the biggest reason why you should never own a white bra.  White bras are awful to wear underneath black and light colored clothing.

Most women think that if I’m wearing a white shirt, that you need to wear a white bra.  I’m here to tell you that this is the worst thing you can do because you will see EVERYTHING.  When I say everything, you’ll see every inch of your bra underneath your shirt.  Unless your going for that look, that’s great (I don’t judge), but if you’re not, then don’t do this.

Wearing a white bra underneath really dark and black clothing also causes problems.  The white penetrates the dark color, so you can see it underneath your clothing and sometimes that dark color will stain your white bra, leaving it forever red, blue, purple or black.  Beware of lights and flashing cameras, this will create a free peep show for others, yikes!

3. White bras are becoming harder to find.  Many years ago when I worked at Nordstrom, most of the women who I fitted always wanted a white bra and this drove me nuts.  I had a very small selection of white bras because most bra manufacturers don’t make them.  The reason why is because in the fashion and lingerie industry, white is considered a fashion color, and not a basic color.  This sounds crazy but it’s true.  Most women find white bras to be higher maintenance and harder to take care of , so that’s why only a small handful of bra companies make them in white.

OK, so now that I got that over with give you the reasons why you should never wear a white bra again, what do you buy instead of white?  Drum roll please….  My dear friends, I’d like to introduce you to the color nude/beige/skin color and the reasons why every woman in America should own these bras.

4. Nude is the most versatile color.  You can wear it underneath light colored and dark colored clothing and you won’t see through your shirt because it’s the color of your skin.  See the example below.  This girl is wearing a white bra on the left and a nude bra on the right.  See how on the left picture you can see every inch of the bra?  And on the right, you can’t see the bra because she’s wearing a nude colored one.  Isn’t it amazing?  It is.

The key to finding a good nude color bra is try to stay pretty close to your skin tone or shade.  If you’re fair skinned, you won’t want to go with a dark nude, and if you have darker skin then you won’t want to go with a light beige color.

Black is also a great color to wear.  Black looks great underneath black and dark colored clothing.  Sometimes when you wear a black shirt, and if you’re getting pictures taken or having bright lights on you, or  you’re in direct sunlight, the nude color can peer through the shirt.  Nude looks a heck a lot better than white, but black looks even better. Black is a must have in every wardrobe.

The other color I highly recommend in every woman’s wardrobe is a fun, sexy, girl, flirty, and feminine looking colored or printed bra.  They’re not very practical underneath light colored clothing, but having one or a few of these are really great to have to wear underneath dark, patterned, or chunkier tops.  Being a mom and a wife sometimes a sexy looking bra underneath can make you feel like a million bucks, and I’m all for that!

I hope these tips have been helpful to you!  If you want to learn more about how bras should fit, make sure to head over to my Bra Guide page, it will change you and your boobs lives.

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  1. It drives me absolutely insane that I can’t always find white bras. And I have a very, very good reason to only wear white bras. As part of my religious worship, I wear white undergarments underneath my bra. Wearing a nude bra shows way more than a white bra when it’s over a white undershirt. Sometimes there is a valid reason why women want a white bra, so maybe it’s better to give people the benefit of the doubt rather than being annoyed at their choice of bra color. 🙂

    • Hey Maren, I’m assuming your LDS, so am I! Wearing a white bra or not is a personal choice when it comes to religion. For an example I like to wear a nude bra to the temple because you can’t see it and I don’t have one. This might be going against what is the normal but I strongly believe HF doesn’t care what color bra you wear as long as you attend your worship services and are worthy. If you like white bras, then stick with white bras, there’s nothing wrong with that. My intention for this post was to educate women of other options and share my opinion that I think nude is the best color overall and is the easiest to wear and wash. I’m sorry if I offended you.

  2. I am LDS and wear white garments…wearing a nude or colored bra over white garments ??? I haven’t found that works very well for me, especially with a white shirt. I would love some advice if you could email me. Thanks.

    • Hey Kathy! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m LDS too and I think wearing nude bras look way better with garments then white bras. Yeah, you’ll always see your white garments underneath, but you won’t see your bra. The color of the nude you choose makes a big difference. Try to stick to one that is closer to your skin tone. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me cfrysauceandgrits at gmail dot com.

      • I’m also LDS so I just wanted to clarify. Do you wear the nude bra over your garments and it doesn’t show? I haven’t personally tried that so I don’t know. I just assumed wearing a white bra over my garments with a white shirt would blend in the best, and wearing a nude bra would stand out.

        • Lacee, I wear my nude bras over my garments because I feel more comfortable doing that, but I know plenty of women who wear their bra underneath their garments too. It’s a personal choice. If you wear a nude bra underneath your garments, there won’t as big contrast between the garments and the nude bra as there would be if you were to wear your bra over your garments. But even if you wear your bra over your garments, it still isn’t that big of a contrast and personally I think looks better than wearing a white bra. I hope that helps!

          • I always wore nude before I started wearing garments, but since then I *WISH* I could find white. My white bras just looks like part of my garments (worn over), but nude looks brown on top of white garments so instead of looking like a white undershirt to those who don’t know it’s garments it becomes very obvious that I’m wearing something weird under my clothes….an undershirt with a bra ON TOP of it?! Just weird, really. Can’t blame ’em for thinking that! 🙂 I can never find white in the bras that look best on me, so I keep buying nude, but I hate seeing that obvious bra over my garments. I just end up avoiding white and light colored tops.

  3. I have personally been fitted by Courtney and was BLOWN AWAY that she chose nude colors for my bra, but it has made such a HUGE difference. You can no longer see my bra underneath whatever clothes I am wearing (especially when wearing white!) and it has been a complete game changer. I absolutely love nude and will never go back.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing expertise, Courtney!!

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