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Hi friends! I’m so excited to bring you my first Re-Fashion post on Brassy Apple.

I am beyond thrilled to be featured and couldn’t ask for a better blog to share my DIY Refashion Ideas for the littles! It’s not easy keeping up with the cost of trends. But as moms, we can empower each other to find thrifty, creative and FUN ways to still enjoy fashion on a budget! And be ONE-OF-A-KIND at that! So yes, thrilled to be a part of this fabulous blog & grateful for the opportunity!

 I’ve decided to share with you a surprisingly fast project I made for my 3 year old triplet girls. Yes, triplets! I love to bake…so THEY love to bake!

 I can’t tell you how much I am in love with my elegant and feminine fashion aprons from I mean there are times I decide I MUST bake or cook something because I’m in the mood to wear my aprons! Don’t laugh…you’ll be next. They recently sent me this Pink Magnolias Apron that I’ve been dreaming about dancing in around a kitchen covered in powdered sugar.

 But wouldn’t ya know, they sent me these fancy matching cloth napkins too!…except, I had not a clue what to do with them or how to use them. I don’t hold fancy dinner parties sothey sat there for a minute until I could come up with an idea.


After wearing this apron on one of my KSL Studio 5 segments that you can catch HERE, one of my toddlers started playing with the napkin and pretending it was an apron like mine. She actually thought it was and I had to explain that mommy didn’t get her one. Um, lightbulb!! That’s when I decided that I could make better use of these darling napkins. Brilliant.

 I love to sew. I do. But if I can find a way to Re-Fashion something without pulling out the old gal (sewing machine), I’m all for it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Large Cloth Napkin or Large Dish Towel

Approx 2 yards of ribbon

Glue Gun

Felt (a light shade that won’t show through your apron)

The Armholes

Step 1. Fold in half lengthwise (I made sure I left the Jessie Steel tag on a finished edge that wouldn’t get cut)

Step 2. Cut out a rounded corner about 4×4 from the UNFOLDED edge

Step 3. Set these pieces aside to use for pockets (optional)

Step 4. Go back and make your arm cut-out a little longer. I took out about another 3 inches but left the top alone.

**If you don’t want pockets, you can skip from Step 1 to Step 4**

When you unfold the apron, this is what it will look like.

At this point I took the iron to it. It’s so much easier to work with an ironed piece of fabric!

The Pockets

Step 1. Lay them out so you know where you want them. I chose to half the unfinished (unhemmed) edge for the bottom of the pocket.

Step 2-3.Use Hot glue, fabric glue or bond glue along the edges. All but the top.

Step 4. Iron them down

This is what it will look like now. I know it’s hard to see with this kind of pattern! If you want to get out the sewing machine, some contrast stitching would look darling here. I tried so hard to avoid the machine although I’m probably going to go back!

The Ties

Step 1. Cut 2 ribbon for the necktie at about 1.5-2 feet long. I went with 2 to be safe and trimmed a tiny bit off the bottoms. Heat seal the edges with a lighter or candle so the ends don’t fray.

Step 2. Cut a small strip of felt just a little smaller than the width of the top of the apron (you don’t want it poking out of the sides for all to see)

Step 3. Glue your ribbon front side down (if there is one) to the strip of felt and then glue the back side.

Step 4. Immediately lay the apron on top of the felt strip. Iron flat.

For the sides, I used the same method. I just cut a smaller square of felt and glued it down. You can see below. I cut 2 feet for these ties as well.

 And now for the review!!

Oh she looooves it. In fact, she has asked several times to sleep in it at night.

**To keep the edges from fraying, if they are a fabric that will fray, you can try to heat seal them with a lighter OR go ahead and break out the sewing machine for a quick little hem tuck. No one will judge you.

Look at what happy little twinners we are. You can’t underestimate the joy a Mommy & Me fashion will bring. I love it. She loves it. And she loves it even more because it’s like Mommy’s.

I received 2 napkin sets and there are 2 in each set. So I am going to finish up 2 more for my other  toddlers! If you’re interested in this darling vintage Jessie Steele napkin set, each set is $13 and you could make 2 aprons out of that. So for $6 a piece that’s a pretty fabulous deal for an apron this darling! They do have an amazing Mommy & Me collection as well but not in this style. Many other cute styles to choose from though! If you’re looking for elegant & feminine style in the kitchen you won’t be disappointed! This is my second Jessie Steele apron and it won’t be my last!

 Thanks again to for the darling apron & napkins.  And to Megan with Brassy Apple for letting me join in on your fun!! Hope to see you soon and please feel free to share your Napkin Aprons with me on Pinterest and at my blog

…I love to see your projects!



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