Girls Reversible skirt Refashion

As a Foster Parent when I was invited to participate in Simple Simon and Co. annual project for girls in foster care I jumped on it! Skirting the Issue – a skirt drive for girls in foster care – is successful each year as bloggers share skirt tutorials and then create skirts and donate them. 

The tutorials started being shared at the beginning of July so make sure you pop onto their site to PIN and create and great skirts! Here’s one that I created – and it’s a refashion of course! Perfect for all the little girls in your life. 

Girls reversible pattern knit skirt -


2 t-shirts or 2 tank tops (the same size but different patterns)

These can be brand new, from the closet or second hand (shopping the clearance/sale racks are a great way to find some fun prints, lengths and sizes. Longer will result in a longer skirt depending on the height of the child. Using larger or wider tops will make the skirts more gathers. Play around with the different options!

patterned tank top


Serger/Sewing machine

Straight pins

Cutting mat and cutting blade (optional)

3/4″ Elastic (for waistband)

measuring tape

safety pin

Step 1: Lay your top flat and cut just under the armpit or sleeve. Repeat on the other shirt.

skirt from a tank top -

Step 2: Cut along each side seam of the shirt to create 2 separate pieces – the front and the back. Repeat on the other shirt. You will then have 4 pieces all the same size (2 from each shirt).

Girls refashioned skirt -

Girls refashioned skirt -

Step 3: Take 1 of each of the patterns. This will be the back and front of your skirt. Since the pieces are the same size and cut, your skirt can be reversible and worn with either pattern on the front or back. Place right sides together, lining up the bottom hem and side. Pin the sides together.

*Remember to have both CUT edges at the top of the skirt where the waistband will be. Use the premade hem of the skirt as the hem of your skirt – less work to create it!*

Girls refashioned skirt - BrassyApple.comGirls refashioned skirt -

Step 4: Sew the sides together using a sewing machine or a serger. Knit fabric doesn’t fray so it’s not necessary to have a nice serged edge if you don’t want to.

Girls refashioned skirt -

I also then serged around the top edge of my skirt (optional) to make it easier to do the next step.

Step 5: Still working with your skirt right sides together, fold the top edge back/over to create the casing for the elastic. Create the casing to be 1 1/4″ giving yourself a seam allowance and room for the 3/4″ elastic to be threaded through. Pin the casing and then sew it closed leaving a few inches open for the elastic. (Instead of having the opening in the middle-back of the skirt I put mine over 1 of the side seams. This makes the skirt a little more wearable for either side/pattern).

Girls refashioned skirt -

Step 6: Measure the waistline of your child or use this measurment chart for different ages. Cut your elastic to be 1-3 inches smaller than the measurement (depending on how “tight” you want the skirt to fit). Push a saftety pin through 1 end of the elastic and thread it through the casing. Once it is pushed through the other end overlap the 2 ends 1/2″ and sew so the elastic is in a loop.

Girls refashioned skirt -

Girls refashioned skirt -

Place the elastic inside the casing, pin and sew closed. The skirt is done! hint: To keep the elastic waistband from rolling, sew a straight stitch through the side seams of the casing. The seam that is already there will disguise this extra stitch.

With the extra pieces from cutting the shirts apart you can making a matching skirt for a sister, cousin or friend or add some embellishments to your skirt! It can be reversible or always worn with the same pattern in the front.

Girls reversible skirt -

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