Printable Chore Cards for Kids!

My Craftily Ever After has the perfect idea for getting your Summer back on track with daily jobs or getting your household ready for the new back to school routine!

printable chore cards for kids

I don’t know about your kids, but ever since summer started my kids have gotten a little bit more demanding and a little less grateful for all the things we are doing. I decided to nip that behavior in the bud and help them remember that good things come to those who work hard for them. I mean ask any adult, nothing in life is free! I also have a hard time staying consistent with myself and following through with these changes without some sort of a tracking system. So I created these easy chore cards to help keep my kids (and myself) accountable.

chore punch cards for kids

What you choose to do for your special surprise will really depend on how motivated your kids are. My oldest will blaze through twelve chores just to get a surprise so for us we tend to use small items from the dollar store as prizes. We also have a rule that they can save them and when each child completes a card they can redeem all three for one big surprise (a trip to the ice cream shop or a trip to the lake with friends). It is really up to you, what you choose to do! And, because you’re the parent, you can change your mind anytime you like! 😉

And because I am all about sharing I’ve got all of them available for download just for you! The front page is the same, but there are four different back options. There is one pre-filled with toddler appropriate chores, one for preschool, one for school age and finally a blank one so you can make your own! They are sized to fit on the Avery Clean Edge Business Cards (affiliate link) if you don’t want to fuss with cutting them out, but they also have grid lines so you can easily get a uniform card! You can either click here or on the image to be taken to the download!

Avery Print from the Web, v5 Document


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