DIY simple Bow Tie – sewing

Bows, bows, bows, I like bows!  Usually I am making something with a bow on it for one of my girls or for myself.  Today, however, I am making a bow tie for all the sweet little boys out there!
This tutorial is easy.  I, being a simple sewer, can do it – so you can too!  I made these for my new little nephew and his older
brother.  This size fit them well, they are two months old and two years
What you will need is a small piece of fabric (I got a fat quarter), a sheet of felt, your sewing machine, and alligator clip or velcro.
Cut a 5″x8″ piece from the fabric and fold in half long ways with the right sides touching.  Stitch along the side and then turn right-side-out and press it down with the seem in the middle with your iron.
I cut a piece of felt the same length and width as my newly made ‘tube’.  Stuff the felt down in the tube until it matches up evenly with the top and bottom. This is to make the bow tie more sturdy and thick.
Take your tube and fold it in half with the right sides touching so you have a bracelet-like object.  Stitch the meeting sides together and then turn right side out and press.
To fold into a bow just fold in half with right sides touching, then fold the other sides down.
Here is where you make the little piece that goes in the middle of the bow and holds it together.  Cut a 2″ strip from your fabric and fold right sides together.  Stitch down the side and then turn right-side-out and press with iron.

Wrap it around your folded bow and run under the sewing machine.  You want it to be as tight as you can around your bow.  Then cut off any access fabric.

Attaching your bow tie to your actual boy can be personal preference.  I don’t have any boys in my home but have heard that the younger babies seem to do better with clip-on bow ties and older boys are better off with a bow tie on a band around the neck.  Here, I am showing a band I made with the extra fabric and attached velcro at both ends to keep it on. 
There are many ways you can do this.  My cute nephews are sporting these cute bow ties around and they look so cute in them!
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  1. Just made some similar bow ties for my little man a few weeks ago, but mine were clip ones. I’m excited to try this velcrow version with the neck band. Ca-ute!

  2. This is such an great tutorial. I can’t wait to try this one out, my 8 year old loves to wear ties!

  3. I am a mother of five little ones, under 7, so my sewing projects all have to be simple as well. Thanks for this easy tutorial. I looked at quite a few and yours was the simplest, and easiest to understand in my whirlwind world. Thank you again.

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