DIY fabric flower corsage

Hi everyone, this is Sachiko from Tea Rose Home again!
When we think about refashion, the first thing that comes to mind is to change an article of clothing to something different, right? In this post, I want to introduce a slightly bit different approach. You don’t have to change the clothing itself, but by adding an accessory you can change the feel of the clothing.
Hats, jewelry, scarfs, bags… etc. there are many things that you can add to an outfit. Today, I am sharing how to make a simple corsage out of scraps that I kept from hemming my skirts. There is something good to being short. 🙂
{You will need}
1 — 2 1/2″ wide fabric strip (mine is linen like fabric in sage green)
1 — 2 1/2″ wide fabric strip (white, also to line like fabric)
* Note: the length of the fabric can be very flexible. If you want intense ruffle and a big flower, you will need long strips. If you are trying to make soft ruffles with a smaller flower you will need shorter strips.
Fabric scrap for the back
Small pom-pom string
Corsage pin
{How to}
*Green flower
1. Fold the fabric strip in half. Then cut the edges with a wavy pattern.

2. Sew the opposite side with big stitches and pull the sting to gather the fabric.

3. Roll the fabric as you sew to create the flower.

*White flower
Basically, it is same concept as the green flower, but this one I didn’t fold the strip in half. Here is what I did.
1. Sew one side of the strip with large stitches.
2. Fold the fabric as shown in the picture, than use pinking shears to cut the top.

3. Pull one thread to gather the fabric and roll the fabric as you sew in the back to create the flower.

* Finishing up
1. Play with the flowers you have made and figure out how close you want the flowers to be, and what angle and such. Put the flowers face down, sew backing to the flowers and stabilize them. After you make a bow with the pom-pom string, sew it on to the back along with the corsage pin.

Now, I get to play with it (grinning big!)

I used it with my white dress… because the corsage is made out of linen like fabric, it is casual enough to wear with an everyday outfit. I love how it gives a pop to this white dress.

I slid the pin to one of my simple belts and wore it over my straight silhouette tunic. Not only does the belt mark the waistline better, the flower gives some character to the outfit.

You can also add the corsage to hats too. This is such a simple and quick project (and if you are short like me, you might already have fabric strips on hand!) with a very low bit cost. It will be fun to make them in various colors, enjoy sewing!


  1. Oh my Gosh! It is adorable Sachiko! I especially love it as a belt!

    • Very Darling . I do the same thing but I fold over fabric and sew open end so it looks more finished. thank you, I like your way also. sherryp

  2. I like the flowers, so easy to make. I can now make my Easter Corsage. Thanks a lot.

  3. Love these. I have made four today…..Pretty done using lace….thank you for the great instructions…….Mary

  4. Wow! Love these flowers. They are very ‘bohemian’, and unusual…not like most of the tutorials I have found. I can see using this method with many different patterns. I am just learning to sew, and am going to make this one of my first projects. Thank you very much!

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