Flat to FITTER – Skinny up a BOXY top!

This is one of my FAVORITE refashions to do! It’s so basic and will work wonders on the tops in your closet! I’ve shared it often when I go and speak/teach refashion classes but I’ve never shared it here (what???? I know right?)
skinny up a top - brassyapple.com #tshirt #refashion #sewing
It will also change the way you shop the sales/clearance racks. I don’t pass up a super clearance top I love just because the size is way to big any more! I can easily fix that with this technique!
Boxy to curvy tshirt refashion
Refashion a wide top to be flattering - BrassyApple.com #sewing #refashion #tshirt
Turn the top inside out that you will be “skinny-ing” up and lay flat. Place a top from your closet that you like the way it fits you on top of that (**keep in mind fabrics and cuts of tops are different. Try to use something in a similar fabric. Also keep in mind that the second top is just a guide for you).
With some chalk or a fabric marker outline the edge of the second top so you have a guide (remember it’s just a guide not precise) as where to sew and how much you are wanting to take away.
(and yes I only had sidewalk chalk on hand – tee hee hee. Use what you got!)
When it came to the armpit area I followed the natural line of the top.
I am mainly interested in taking in the sides of the top and not the sleeves. You’d be surprised at how much the top will change by shrinking up the side hems. It’s always better to give yourself more room then take too much at first.
Pin along the chalk line to keep the two sides from shifting and begin sewing from the bottom hem to the armpit of the top.
Now try the top on. You can leave it inside out to try it on. If it needs taken in a little more simply sew just over or in a bit more from the line you just stitched. Continue this process until you’ve achieved the look you want.
Then cut away the excess and serge or zig zag the raw edge if you’d like or as necessary (depending on the material of the top).
skinny top 3a
Tshirt Refashion - boxy to flattering - BrassyApple.com
More refashions on my Pinterest Board!


  1. OMG! You are a genious! Thank you!!

  2. This is great! I can’t wait to try it!

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