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 Hi friends! It’s Jess again with the Mommy Makes Things blog! I’m here to share another simple Refashion idea for the little ones and just in time for Back to School!
Peter Pan collars are still one of my favorite fashion trends and thank goodness it doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon. What I’ve done here is take a $4 clearance tank top and added my own. This is where it gets awesome. Shop at the Thrift Store, clearance rack…or even find something old and boring from the closet and make it “brand new” (at least to you) to help with those Back To School shopping expenses!
There are several patterns you can find online to cut out a collar but if you want it to fit perfectly around a neckline, I highly suggest tracing it yourself. Here’s what you’ll need:


Matching Thread

Safety Pin

Step 1. Place 2 layers of fabric down because you’re going to want 2 identical pieces
Step 2. Place your top on the fabric and trace around where you want the collar to go making SURE that you allow 1/4 inch bigger all around for seam allowances.
**It’s important to make sure you add 1/2 seem allowance along the top neckline because you’re going to tuck this behind the neckline to sew in place**
Step 3. Finish off free handing the way you want the bottom of the collar to look. Some like the triangle edges, but I chose the rounded edge. Do your best to make them symmetrical.
Step 4. Cut out the patterns you’ve created and pin them together

Step 5. Sew closely along the top and bottom sides with a zig zag stitch unless you have a serger. Make sure to leave the 2 shoulder ends open so that you can flip this inside out.

Step 6. Use a safety pin to flip right side out. Flatten with an iron so it looks nice and clean
Step 7. Tuck the shoulder ends in and sew them to the shoulder first.Pin along the collar of the shirt
Step 8. Pin along the collar of the shirt to make sure it stays in place. Just make sure you don’t pin the front of the shirt to the back of the shirt.
Step 9. Now, you can pin the collar along the neckline hem to sew but I found that it would bunch up and didn’t allow for much “correction”, so I just folded a small amount into the neckline and sewed very slowly along the inside, making sure it was even and a very straight line because you will see it on the front side.
Here’s the finished result! Now you can leave it like this and it will be darling, or….
Now you’re done! Ironing the collar down will help make it look nice and clean. You can make a bigger collar if you want and you can even embellish it like we chose to do!

I decided to take it a step further and add some bling! This really gives it a flashy new look and what little girl doesn’t love to feel sparkly? Ok, maybe one of my triplets doesn’t but hey she’s not complaining either!

You can sew your sequins on but boy is that a daunting task. I decided to use a hot glue gun instead. We’re best friends.
**I”ll be honest, if you DO decide to embellish with sequins using only a glue gun, you may lose some in the washer. I would HIGHLY recommend only gluing the sequins on if you make your collar out of felt. It will work perfectly and that’s what I’ll be doing next time. Or just take a few extra minutes to stitch through a bunch of them with some clear fishing wire. Just go in and out of the holes in the center of the sequin.**
Now didn’t that turn out cute and trendy? Theres more…you can do this with ANY top so try it again for Fall/Winter tops and there’s more…give yourself a treat. This is NOT a toddlers only idea! Peter Pan Collars are everywhere and they look darling on the ladies as well so dig through that closet and find something that is crying out for a new collar. In case you haven’t seen them floating around yet, there are plenty tutorials on how to make REMOVABLE Peter Pan Collars that are basically necklaces! So have fun with it!


  1. Great idea, girls will love it, but is that hot glue strong enough? I’m worring that squins will fall after washing the blouse.

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